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EVOLVE DELETES EVIDENCE: Evolve Politics DELETES more than 50 articles by former Associate Editor



LEFT-WING news outlet Evolve Politics have deleted more than 50 articles by former Associate Editor Alex McNamara leaving the writer without a portfolio for future job roles.

Yesterday we reported that Evolve fired the former editor without payment with Editor Tom Rogers refusing to speak to Alex and leaving the young writer to support his young child without a steady income.

Since Alex gave us permission to quote his blog post exposing Evolve, openly saying he had nothing to hide, Alex has discovered that Evolve has deleted his profile and all of his work: 50+ articles of writing, over a course of six months. Work that was mostly unpaid and which they profited on, and they’ve removed it out of spite.

Alex says he politely asked for the links to his work be reinstated, but fully intends to investigate legal recourse if evidence of his contribution to Evolve has been destroyed.

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