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EXCLUSIVE: Avi Yemini Warns World of ‘Authoritarian Infection’ after SHOCK Arrest 


AUSSIE Journalist Avi Yemini has warned Brits of ‘what is to come around the world’ following his arrest by Police for covering the Australia Day protests in Melbourne.

The fearless rebel reporter who works for Ezra Levant’s Rebel News as a fully-accredited journalist told Politicalite that his arrest was “purely political”, claiming the Australian state wants him to go away. “I am THE enemy of the state right now.”

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Yemini’s arrest represents a shocking fall into the globalist Corona police state that is being thrust upon Western society in the name of protecting us from a virus. 

Avi says he went to cover the anti-Australia Day protests on Tuesday as thousands took part in an ‘Invasion Day’ march in Melbourne to draw attention to the so-called plight of Australia’s Aboriginal people in the wake of European colonisation. 

He went to work as a fully-accredited journalist along with a small crew including a cameramen and a small security detail to stay safe after he was nicked by Victorian Police in September last year. Aussie Police claimed it was for Avi’s ‘own safety’ whilst covering an anti-Lockdown rally. 

The footage of his arrest last year shocked the world amid the rise of the Authoritarian state in the supposedly free-West. 

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Avi Yemini arrested covering Melbourne anti-lockdown protest | Daily Mail Online

Avi said: “[the] Police wouldn’t have any of it.” 

They physically grabbed him, pulled him away from his team, and threw him in the back of a police van.

Speaking to Politicalite Yemini explained the Australia Day protests: “Every year, the extreme left take Australia Day as an opportunity to trash our country in the name of unity. They say they want to “change the date”, but after challenging them, it became evident that it’s about tearing down everything Australian.”

He also warned of what is to come to Britain: “Australia is an excellent example of what is to come around the world.” 

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Avi (Right) with Jordan James (Left) in 2019

“We have almost no Coronavirus left on our island, but the infection of authoritarianism is more widespread than ever.”

” For example, the sate can now decide what protests can go ahead––and they’re only allowing far leftwing extremists march.”


“I worked in Hong Kong at the hight of the mass democracy protests, reporting for Rebel News and I was never arrested. In Australia, I have been arrested three times for doing my job. We have become worse than the dictatorial governments we once condemned.”

Despite the harrasment the reporter is not dettered: “I don’t fear for my future because I trust in what I’m doing and the generous support I’m receiving from the public to fight back.” 

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Invasion Day protesters waved the black, red and yellow of the Australian Aboriginal flag and chanted slogans such as “always was, always will be, Aboriginal land” as they marched through Melbourne’s CBD. 

“It’s our land and they should listen to us instead of listening to everybody else. We need our land and everything back and our rights to change the date,” said Shirely, an Aboriginal Elder.

An apparent counter-protester was detained by police after engaging in verbal confrontations with the marchers. He was seen wearing a t-shirt featuring the slogans ‘Proud Boys’ and ‘F**ck Antifa.’ ‘Australia Day’ is held to mark the anniversary of the British First Fleet’s 1788 arrival in Port Jackson, New South Wales, a date many Aboriginal people consider to be the start of the European colonisation of Australia. 

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Around 500 people gathered in Queen Victoria Garden in Melbourne on Tuesday for the so-called ‘People’s Australia Day Parade’.

The gathering was called by Melbourne Freedom Rally initiative, responsible for last year’s anti-lockdown rallies. 

Several of the protesters were seen wearing yellow and black t-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘Proud Boys,’ in apparent reference to the right-wing US group. 

The protest took place peacefully and no arrests were reportedly made.

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