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EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson not tough enough on Islam as 96% say BAN the Burqa

BORIS Johnson is not tough enough on Islam according to an exclusive poll of 1.5k Politicalite readers.


The Burqa is that ridiculous and oppressive head and body veil that the most ardent Muslim women decide to wear. Perhaps, I should not use the word “decide”, given that most Muslim women are forced to wear it by their fanatic and bigoted husbands.

On the one hand, we all do understand Islam is much more than a religion: it is a culture, an ideology, a system of moral guidelines. As Westerners, we cannot force every foreign culture to be like our own. Muslims have their own Islamic identity as they should have. On the other hand, their all too specific and extreme identity features, such as the Burqa, should remain as common practices in the countries of Islam, not in the West.

Britain – very much like the US – is the land of liberty and opportunity. At least it should aim to be: but frankly what kind of social opportunity does any woman covered up from head to toes have? I’ll tell you: Zero. None.

This is why Boris Johnson is wrong when he says the Burqa should not be banned as such a measure risks backfiring and fanning the flames of radicalism. Yes, we appreciate his criticism and even in his deriding of the Burqa, but ultimately if Tories standing on the right of the party like himself do not make a real effort to get rid of the Burqa then all is useless and lost.

We need to change British society from within. People like Boris Johnson are simply not good enough for the conservative movement because they are not “cultural conservatives”. They are far too liberal, scaredy-cats, whowill hide behind humorous statements on something they disagree with rather than making a change happen which will have a positive impact. The fear of “fanning the flames of radicalism” is ludicrous. We already have radicalism in Britain. We have grooming gangs, no-go zones, female genital mutilations and Al-Qaeda sympathisers regularly speaking at universities and inspiring young British Muslims. Evidently, banning the oppressive head veil would most certainly not make the situation much worse than it already is.

Let us move on to the last, but not least important argument on the matter. There are so many reasons for us to want Burkas banned in Britain too.
Banning it for security reasons or liberalist abstractions does not cut it. In all honesty, what we all seem to fail to understand is that the Burka is not only a symbol of oppression against women- it is a symbol of the enemy, in our own territory. Arguably, while even “moderate Islam” has negatively impacted our society, no tolerance can be shown towards radical Islam and its symbols.

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