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EXCLUSIVE: BuzzFeed is attempting to take down Politicalite over our coverage of Tommy Robinson

LEFTIE BuzzFeed is attempting to takedown Politicalite because we give Tommy Robinson fair coverage, and support the working-class populist revolution, we can reveal. 

The move comes just months after the US-based site tried to force Change.org to REMOVE 600,000 strong petition to Free Tommy Robinson when the political activist was wrongly jailed by the state, without a fair trial.

Tommy Robinson speaking at the Oxford Union in 2014.

Democrat supporting BuzzFeed which banned Donald Trump from advertising on the site during the 2016 Presidential Election claimed that the petition should be removed because it was “racist” and said that the petition wrongly stated he was “arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs.” – which was a FACT.

Today, I was contacted by BuzzFeed’s Media reporter Mark Di Stefano asking for comment for a story about a company that advertised on our website, he then asked if we were linked to Tommy or his team. The answer Mark, is NO… we simply give Tommy FAIR coverage, unlike the rest of the media… is that a crime?


BuzzFeed did the same to Breitbart, and they probably plan to do the same to us and will brand us “Far-Right Racists” when that is fake news.

We deplore the far right and Neo-Nazi skinheads. We support Brexit, the left behind, the forgotten, the abused girls, LGBT people, Gay Marriage, Controlled Immigration, what we DO NOT agree with is a religion that inherently anti-Feminist against women, and is also homophobic.

Also, I’m a GAY MIXED-RACE GUY, why would I promote the ‘far-right?’

Tommy Robinson IS NOT far right, he’s just RIGHT. He left the EDL because it was infiltrated by Neo-Nazis. FACT.

We don’t have gleaming offices and our writers all work from home, and most of us have other jobs. BuzzFeed is trying to take away that revenue, to stop us from reporting the truth.

Imagine starting a news website from home, and the media giants who earn millions and back the privileged few, try to take the little guys down, it’s ridiculous.

We have backed many causes to try to hold the powerful to account, we report on the issues facing the left behind, we’ve reported on the Homeless, Homeless Veterans, Mental Health, Suicide, Drug Addiction, Crime and how those in power fail us.

The money we raise via ad revenue helps to pay our writers and keep the site online and it also helps us to continue to give a balance to the mainstream media narrative, which we don’t feel represents working-class people like myself or our readers.”

I often work throughout the night to get content up for the next day, and I work part-time during the day, I love what I do and I love giving a voice to the silent majority, and now an American media giant is now trying to stop us speaking the truth.”

I’m not surprised BuzzFeed is trying to take Politicalite down, and we must be doing something right if a media giant is trying to defund a working-class website that’s produced from the heart of working-class Britain.

We report life as it is in the working-class communities, the social issues facing us and now a Multi-Million pound company is trying to crush us.


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