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EXCLUSIVE: Divisions in UKIP over Tommy Robinson ‘Membership’

UKIP was divided last night with senior figures in ‘open revolt’ over letting right-wing activist Tommy Robinson join the party.

Whilst the motion is widely popular among the base, the out-of-touch old guard of the Kipper Establishment and some members of the NEC aren’t liking the thought of working-class hero Tommy becoming a member.

Many argue that they do not want to change the parties rules about letting in former members of banned groups such as the BNP and the EDL – fair enough, but they are alienating the UKIP base and risk driving free-speech kippers to For Britain or out of political discourse altogether.

Ben Walker, a Ukip NEC member, told MailOnline that he might leave Ukip if they allow Robinson in.

He said: “I am categorically against it. We have got a set of rules that differentiate us from the other parties – we don’t let people in if they have been in what we consider extreme groups.”

“I don’t see why we should change that.”

He added: “We should be concentrating on Brexit and getting the best possible deal – that is why we have seen a jump in membership and in the polls – not because we might let BNP and EDL members in.”

“I would have to seriously consider my position if we let him in.”

Several UKIP NEC members hit out on social media and some even claimed that the NEC motion was ‘fake news’ however, Politicalite has spoken to several senior sources in UKIP who say it’s not.

The real test of UKIP’s democracy and freedom comes on Sunday when the NEC decide if the motion to allow Tommy into the party is voted on at party conference later this month.

Can UKIP walk the walk or do they just talk the talk?

We will soon find out.

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