EXCLUSIVE: Dover at ‘Breaking Point’ As HUNDREDS of Illegal Migrants Cross English Channel


DOVER was at ‘breaking point’ yesterday as hundreds of illegal migrants crossed the channel, despite Government promises to deal with Britain’s border crisis.

Independent reporter Steve Laws, 29 from Kent travelled to the English border town from 6am on Tuesday and witnessed ‘dozens’ of boats being intercepted by UK Border Force.

He saw a whopping 74 illegals being toed into the Port of Dover by Border Force agents in just four hours.

He told Politicalite: “Today I saw 74 illegals being toed into poet by the border force from 8am to 11am.”

Steve added: “They were so busy they didn’t get the time to unload one boatload before another arrived.”

“My sources told me it as over 100 after I had left. I saw 3 coaches parked waiting since 8am. It almost seems like it was pre planned.”

The migrants who claim to be ‘in dire economic need’ pay up to £7,500 to people smugglers to cross the channel.

French authorities have been accused of helping the migrants reach Britain.

One Border Force agent said: “We often see French vessels escort-ing migrant boats as far as English waters.”

“They stick close to make sure other vessels are aware, but they allow them to continue to the British side for our Border Force to pick up.”


In January 2020 the Home Office blasted the French and vowed to crack down on the boat crossings.

Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage who has been exposing the crisis in Dover for months tweeted:”Another chaotic day in the English Channel, 130 illegal migrants into Dover already.”

Former Labour MP, now member of the House of Lords Kate Hoey demanded action from the Home Secretary.

“This cannot be allowed to carry on until the end of the transition period” Hoey said on Twitter.

In January 2020 the Home Office blasted the French and vowed to crack down on the boat crossings.

More follows.

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