British Yellow Vests

EXCLUSIVE: James Goddard on the TRUTH about the UK ‘Yellow Vests’

AS THE UK Yellow Vest movement spreads up and down the country, Politicalite wanted to take a closer look at who they are,  where the movement had sprung from and what their intentions were as the MSM smear the group. 

With accusations of lies being pedalled by the mainstream media, we caught up with activist James Goddard who is one of the co-founders of the movement. James agreed to give us a truthful insight into the growing movement he formed with fellow activist Tracy Blackwell.

Our interview was conducted at a time when James has had his name smeared and dragged through the mud for standing up to politicians that are trying to subvert the will of the British people.

He has had his Facebook accounts closed and deleted without warning thanks to British MPs, a visit from Prevent, and he has seen his PayPal account shut down and mainstream media puppets turning up at his mothers home address.

What was his crime you might ask? …James has been part of an ever-growing number of UK patriots that have been gathering outside Westminster and The Houses Of Parliament six days a week since May of last year to protest how the government and Theresa May have handled Brexit negotiations.

The UK Yellow Vests claim to be a group of British people who have had enough of being ignored and abused by the establishment and ruling political elite. James says there is no leader and they have absolutely no affiliation to any other person or group.

They do not consist of any particular person, they cannot be defined by gender, age, colour or even politics. They are ordinary working class people who are protesting against injustices, injustices, particularly against women and children.

The mainstream media, in cahoots with the establishment, have this week tried to tar the movement with titles and labels of being “far-right extremists, fascists and racists” and have even stooped to the sickening depths of comparing the group and associating them to the murderer of British Labour MP Jo Cox.

None of this is true, says James.

It is their attempt to stop what they know is a well-intended and pure group of people from voicing the genuine concerns that they have about how our country is being run, about the direction it is heading in and at who is behind their strings that are being pulled, seemingly from the EU.

Neither James Goddard or Tracy Blackwell have been part of any so-called far-right groups such as the English Defence League.

Tracy Blackwell

The dishonest mainstream media have tried linking affiliations and connections to Tommy Robinson in an attempt to smear the group, Tommy Robinson has played no part in any protest and has played absolutely no role in the setting up of the UK Yellow Vest movement.

The British media have been lying to the public in what can only be described as a deliberate attempt to smear the group and tarnish its image. There are people within the movement that agree with Tommy Robinson and support his views and opinions (he has quite a following now) but there are also people within the group that do not.

This is an incorrect and misleading description of who the UK Yellow Vests are and what they represent. There have been many protests all across the UK because a Yellow Vest can be anyone who wishes to protest and fight against injustices carried out by the establishment.

UK Yellow Vests are not violent and they do not condone violence in any shape or form.

The establishment and the mainstream media will not want people to know the real reasons of why the Yellow Vests are on the streets, they will continue to LIE so that the public doesn’t know the truth about the movement. The powers that be are terrified of the general public knowing the truth so the mainstream media keep those reasons from ever coming out whilst they manufacture news and articles to feed to the masses.

James told me about some of the topics that the Yellow Vests stand for and they cover a wide range of injustices. There are hundreds of reasons why the Yellow Vests take to the streets up and down the country and don the high visibility jackets in the capital six days a week.

The reasons included Justice For Our Boys, Forced adoptions, Veterans living on the streets, Universal Credit sanctions, people starving and having to use food banks, homelessness, abused children, a corrupt justice system, the treatment of Melanie Shaw, a two-tier judiciary, kangaroo courts, our veterans committing suicide who suffer from PTSD, wrongful arrest, deaths in police custody, the depletion of our armed forces and corrupt charities and fat cat CEO’s.

There are countless injustices taking place up and down the country and everyone has their own reasons for putting on a Yellow Vest and taking to the streets but we all have some form of common ground.

People have had enough of rising crime, senseless murders on our streets and a lawless capital city under the leadership of Sadiq Khan and Met Police Chief Cressida Dick. We now have a murder rate in London that is higher than New York and a gang and drug epidemic that is out of control.

The general public has had enough of being LIED to, they are sick of being branded and labelled and they’ve had enough of the utter disdain they encounter from MP’s, politicians and the mainstream media collaborators.

People just don’t want corrupt career politicians anymore, they’ve had enough of bent judges and a flawed two-tier legal system. They want a safe and secure environment to bring up their children, an environment that is left safe for our future generations.

The people of the UK have had enough of greedy bankers, rogue traders, globalists and globalism, they’ve had enough of alleged police cover-ups and a lack of accountability.

The UK Yellow Vests have had enough of what is taking place in this country, our great country is going down the pan due to EU rule and exhaustive regulation and legislature.

Members of the Yellow Vests have expressed their deep concerns about globalism and the political elite, the establishment and the ruling class.

The Yellow Vests say that they are sick to back teeth of the hypocrisy and double standards, the ‘gestapo’ police, a ‘totalitarian’ state that is run by ‘fascists’ in the government whose strings are pulled from Brussels.

We want our sovereignty back, we want our country to be run from here, we want our laws made here and for those who are making the decisions to be held accountable like the rest of us are.

“We want Brexit as we voted for it, we stand as one. We want justice, freedom and respect. This is your movement, the people’s movement” James said.

Goddard stressed that it was vitally important for the public not to believe the alleged lies and the blatant bias that the mainstream media churn out, he insisted that the Yellow Vests are peaceful protestors and they will not be silenced into submission by the MSM or by the ruling political classes.

Despite the best efforts of Anna Soubry who openly stands against the will of her constituents like many other politicians up and down the country, or the efforts of little Owen Jones, they will not be deterred even if they try to close us down and have us removed.

Our numbers are growing by the day. Further protests have been organised in London from midday this Saturday and James and Tracy are encouraging as many people to attend as possible, the location will be revealed on Friday evening.

Several other Yellow Vest protests have been planned right across the country with events scheduled for Leeds, Manchester and the Midlands this weekend and over the coming weeks as the Yellow Vest movement really starts to take hold and gain traction.

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