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British Yellow Vests

EXCLUSIVE: James Goddard reveals ‘Character Assassination’ by Mainstream Media


FIRSTLY, before I start I want to thank each and every one of you that has supported me over the past year and in particular, the past week. The British government have come down on me like a ton of bricks for simply exercising my democratic rights. I’m now going to give a short insight, as to what’s been going on over the past week.

As you all saw back in December, thirty-four, courageous, patriotic citizens formed the Yellow Vest movement when we blocked off four iconic bridges in Central London, ever since that day the Establishment and their propaganda machines have been trying to smear and destroy the Yellow Vest movement, I promise you all that will never happen, this movement will grow into something special and we will change this country for the better. I must also clarify that there is no leader or political affiliation, this is a real people’s movement. This is your movement, a movement for YOU!!

Now, I’m going to explain what’s happened to me over the past two weeks. What I’ve experienced is an attempted character assassination by the mainstream media, you see the morally inept Hope Not Hate decided to send a dossier full of lies, to almost every journalist in the country about me, thinking that they would be able to silence me, well that certainly backfired on them, we have more support than ever and this is just the start of the journey.

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As you all saw I approached Anna Soubry along with a few other patriots back in December and called her a Nazi, she then attempted to smear me as a fascist, racist and a member of the EDL. So on the first day back at Parliament, we saw her, so we decided to approach her and ask her to explain why she had been spreading lies about me, my questions were ignored by her, which was to be expected, as we all know the Political class aren’t fond of being held to account for their many lies.

Yet again she went on national news networks, telling the country that people like us ‘Need sorting out’ which I thought was quite sinister. John Bercow then named me in the Houses of Parliament, with over 50 MP’s calling for action to be taken against me, which followed. Within 24 hours I was removed permanently from Facebook, de-platformed from Paypal and had my Patreon account closed down, for simply approaching an MP.

Then within the next two days, the Met Police turned up at Tracy’s [Blackwell’s] house looking for me, which I found absolutely disgusting considering everything that they’ve put her and the other families through.

Tracy Blackwell

The Met then got in touch with me, stating that they wanted me to go into Holborn Police station to answer for suspicion of harassment of Anna Soubry MP and suspected racial abuse of a Lithuanian Police Constable for stating he wasn’t British.

I had agreed to hand myself in on Saturday at midday. Moving forward to Saturday, I went to St James Park tube station as I wanted to thank people who had travelled from all over the country to join in with the Yellow Vest protest. As I was making a speech, twenty or so Police constables came over and arrested me, I tried telling them that I had a taxi waiting to take myself to the station, however, this fell on deaf ears.

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I then spent about 7 hours in Police custody, at one point I was told I would be bailed in 20 minutes, then within minutes I was told to return to my cell and this was out of the hands of the officers and the orders where coming from high above, Cressida Dick and the Home Secretary, at one point it was looking like I would be remanded into custody until Monday morning.


The Police were then arguing amongst themselves over the bail conditions, as they said they wouldn’t be able to impose them. I have conditions on me that mean I can’t go within the vicinity of the M25, I was given 2 hours to get out of London or I would have been re-arrested, I’m not allowed to go to Anna Soubry’s constituency or any of her press events, I also have to sign on at a Police station twice a week.


However since then my family have now become targets of the Establishment, we have a panic alarm and censors at my parents property and my step dad was forced to sign over his gun or risk having his licence revoked. At this present moment in time, I’ve had to find a new bail address as the Met Police Common Purpose hacks have said I can’t stay at home. All of this for standing up for what I believe in. I must repeat I haven’t been charged with anything as of yet. What the Establishment don’t realise is the more they attempt to silence people, the more people will come out and use their voices, which is exactly what is needed. So my message to the political class is this, We are NOT going away, We won’t be silenced and we do NOT fear you. This movement is about securing the safety and prosperity of this nation for generations to come, it’s about ensuring Brexit is delivered, it’s about getting justice for Josh, Harry & George and many other issues that we’ll be highlighting over the coming months.

This is a movement for the people, of the people, by the people. We will not be silenced, we will not be removed and we will not be deterred by corrupt politicians who are trying to subvert democracy in the UK.

More ‘Yellow Vest’ protests have been organised and will take place across the country over the coming weeks.



AFTER another weekend of the establishment proving that we are living in a totalitarian dictatorship by trying to silence people who oppose their policies and narratives, Politicalite caught up again with Pro-Brexit activist and injustice fighting patriot.

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Since his arrest on Saturday and being told to “get out of London” the so-called “far-right extremist” has been taking some time out to recharge his batteries, regrouping and reflecting, and is ready to go again. Don’t believe the lies and the manipulation being spouted in the mainstream media, James Goddard is not “far-right” and he’s certainly not an “extremist”. He is just like you or I.

He’s an honest man from a working-class background that is tired of the injustices that are taking place up and down the country, he’s tired of Brexit being thwarted, tired of the labels they attach to us, tired of not being listened to and tired of the democratic will of the people being ignored.

These labels that the establishment and mainstream media prostitutes try to attach to people who oppose their narratives and the falsehoods they spread aren’t working anymore. In fact, ordinary working class folk have had enough of them now. Their narratives are failing, they know it and we know it, just take a look around you for verification of that, look at how the establishment treat people who stand up and voice their feelings and genuine concerns.

Are we living in a free country where free speech and freedom of expression is respected and upheld or are we living in communist China or the dictatorship that is North Korea where any opposition to the rule is crushed? Our country’s totalitarian rule is starting to look more and more like that of Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe than the free society and beacon of democracy that is portrayed to the rest of the world.

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Anyone who stands up to the establishment or the narratives that are pedalled by mainstream media whores are instantly branded racists, bigots, far-right fascists and extremists.

All seems a bit rich don’t you think? When it’s the left and the establishment that are closing down free speech and attempting to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with their stance?

It doesn’t make you “right-wing” or extreme for standing up to their corrupt policies or the agenda’s they push. It doesn’t make you “right-wing” or an “extremist” for opposing left-wing ideology and indoctrination that is being instigated by the EU and pushed upon the British people by our very own weak and spineless politicians.



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