EXCLUSIVE: MEN Lies, Manipulation and Vegan Sausage Rolls

MANCHESTER Evening News attempted to smear the Manchester Yellow Vest movement as the ‘EDL’ as they gathered in the city on Saturday to protest against Theresa May’s Brexit Betrayal.

Around seventy members of the movement gathered at 10 am in St Peters’ Sq and were met with a small police presence and a couple of leftwing photographers.

Movement organiser Ashlea Robyn, 30, arranged the event to protest Theresa May’ handling of Brexit proceedings and her betrayal of what the British people voted for. Ashlea set up the Manchester-based group to draw attention to the fact that the democratic vote of the British people was being ignored as Theresa May’ Brexit deal was Brexit in name only.

Ashlea also stated that she believed the police, the government and the establishment were not protecting the rights and civil freedoms of citizens of this great country after allowing known terrorists and Jihadi fighters to return to the UK and live amongst us whilst being “monitored” by the authorities.

Several speeches were given by Ashlea amongst several others including the partner of Aiden James who was arrested upon returning to the country after fighting ISIS in Syria.

Local police attended her home earlier on Saturday morning in an attempt to prevent her from attending the event and speaking to the gathering.

Many of those in attendance also voiced their concerns relating to the Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Abedi who was rescued by the British Royal Navy after fleeing conflict in Libya, his family had entered the UK as a refugee’s several years ago, Abedi, who was 22 years old at the time of the cowardly attack blew himself up in the foyer of The Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 innocent people, many of them children in one of Britain’s worst terrorist atrocities.

Ordinary working class people gathered to make their feelings known at the double standards handed out by the police as they arrest a man for fighting ISIS abroad whilst at the same time allowing cowards with known links to terrorism to return to the UK and live amongst us.

The movement was also showing their displeasure at the horrific treatment of Melanie Shaw who is currently being imprisoned at HMP Styal for speaking out about being abused at the hands of paedophiles within the British establishment, something the authorities are keen to sweep under the table in an attempt to silence her.

Those in attendance at the movement march quickly had their plans disrupted as heavy-handed police were witnessed charging at the group and pushing citizens to the ground before protesters were kettled outside Greggs for around forty minutes with a senior police officer stating that he was imposing conditions on the gathering under Section 12 of the Public Order Act as he believed there was a risk to public safety and disruption to the local community, although there was no evidence to support his claim as the protesters remained peaceful at all times.

Reports put out by so-called journalists at Manchester Evening News claimed that members of the EDL had gathered outside Greggs in the city centre to protest the chains new creation of a vegan sausage roll, Ashlea herself is a vegetarian.

The story apparently created by leftwing journalists at the fake news outlet who seemingly have no problem pedalling fallacies and falsehoods to their unsuspecting readers.

Media prostitutes at Manchester Evening News actually published that the event had been organised by a You-Tube account called Tommy Robinson News which is a complete lie, it is total fabrication which can only be deemed a deliberate attempt to associate the movement with the so-called “far-right”.

The protest had absolutely nothing to do with Greggs or their vegan sausage rolls and was another deliberate attempt to cause confusion and to tarnish average working class people who are fed up of a corrupt system of government and mainstream media pedalling in lies, deceit and manipulation.

A group of young teens were seen at the event who just wanted to attend and proudly fly the flag of St George.

Ashlea stated that there was no political affiliation with the group and that she just wanted the will of the British people to be upheld and the democratic vote to be respected.

“This was about bringing normal everyday people together for the good of our country, I wanted to unite all sides to ensure democracy is respected”.

“It wasn’t an EDL demo or a gathering of the so-called “far-right”, there was no racist chanting or pro-Trump placards and I myself have no affiliation or attached to either of those groups as some people on the left are suggesting on several other social media platforms” but what is the problem if people show support to President Donald J. Trump?

“Isn’t that what living in a democracy is all about?” Ashlea asked? “We are all free to have our own thoughts and opinions and to be able to vote for whoever we like without having fear of reprisal”

“Nobody should be castigated or labelled for having a difference of opinion or for going against the narratives of the left” Ashlea went on to say.

“It does not make you far-right for wanting to oppose mass uncontrolled immigration or for wanting to prevent known terrorists re-entering the country” she explained to Politicalite.

Ashlea has been taking flack on social media from lefties who are trying to tarnish her image and attach labels to her in order to quell support for the movement in what has become a typical trait of the left these days.

The Manchester event coincided with an event in London which was organised by patriots including James Goddard and Tracy Blackwell in what organisers called a national day of action.

Widespread disruption was brought to the capital which saw the arrest of a 13-year-old girl for no apparent reason and without the presence of an appropriate adult. Witnesses claim the young girl had her hair pulled and was seen being pushed around before being taken to a local police station.

The Yellow Vest Movement blocked off bridges at Westminster and Blackfriars as well as bringing Whitehall and Embankment to a standstill. There were scenes of disruption and chaos at Parliament Sq and Trafalgar as yellow vests joined forces with a group of protesting Cameroonian’s with the Met Police also being accused of heavy-handed tactics.

Further gatherings are planned for the capital during the coming weeks and months and another day of action is planned for Manchester on Friday, January 18th 2019.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Him somewhere

    January 8, 2019 at 13:24

    “Media prostitutes at Manchester Evening News actually published that the event had been organised by a You-Tube account called Tommy Robinson News which is a complete lie, it is total fabrication which can only be deemed a deliberate attempt to associate the movement with the so-called “far-right”.

    If true then the so-called newspaper should be sued for printing garbage. This is what everyone wrongly accused should be doing sue the bastards.

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