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TOTALITARIAN BRITAIN: Nottingham Fireman SUSPENDED after he ‘expressed sympathy’ for Tommy Robinson

A BRAVE Nottinghamshire firefighter has been SUSPENDED after he expressed support for jailed political activist Tommy Robinson.

Jono Booth who risked his own life to save lives for 22 years was suspended with immediate effect after he “expressed sympathy” for Tommy after the journalist and right wing activist was jailed by the British state after he reported outside the trial of a Muslim Grooming Gang.

Jono said that it is “disgusting” that child abusers and racists are “getting away” with their alleged crimes, yet Tommy is locked up in a prison cell.

Booth says that he is saying what he “feels is right” in light of Tommy Robinson’s arrest. He hit out at the politically correct fire service and said they were “carrying on in their blinkered little world pretending everything is ok”, he goes onto say “trust me, everything is not ok.”.

The British Journal reported that Mr Booth has had his on-call alert device confiscated and his identification badge taken away according to as the fire service investigate Mr Booth’s social media.  It is not clear what will follow for Mr Booth, though many venting their anger towards the fire service for treating him in an “unbelievable” manner.

A post on Facebook by John Owen that tipped Politicalite off has been shared more than 1,000 times and commenting Brits are outraged at the treatment of Jono.

John Owen said: “He has been suspended with immediate effect for expressing sympathy for #TommyRobinson Jono is now out of a job and people in Notts are just a little less safe.”

It seems Britain’s Totalitarian Government is making an example of Jono Booth to deter others from supporting the rising #FreeTommy movement.

British Facebook Users hit out at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue.

We have contacted Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service for comment.

You can contact the Fire Service to show your support for Jono.

WARNING | PLEASE DO NOT send any abusive or vile messages – this smears our cause and makes YOU and TOMMY look bad, keep it civil.

Telephone: 0115 967 0880
Fax: 0115 926 1081
Email: enquiries@notts-fire.gov.uk

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