EXCLUSIVE: Parents OUTRAGED as kids return to find pro-LGBT ‘Gender Neutral’ UNISEX toilets in Bolton school

PARENTS were outraged after their kids returned to school to find Gender Neutral toilets installed – without being consulted about the changes. 

Little Lever Secondary School in Bolton was accused of ‘going behind parents backs’ after they installed gender-neutral toilets over the six week holidays.

Angry parents across social media spoke of their shock and one reported their child ringing home ‘in tears’ at the newly installed unisex toilets. Some claimed that the unisex cubicles did not even have doors.

How Gender Neutral Toilets Look at One School in Wales

One angry parent wrote on Facebook: “They have made unisex toilets and got rid off the others, fair enough if u don’t feel comfortable going into men or women toilets but personally I don’t feel comfortable going to a unisex toilet that is open to people passing by and you are monitored by teacher also there are only 10 toilets for the whole school.”

“Therefore I think they should have men and women toilets as well. And they have been made right near the canteen.”

Bolton UKIP Councillor Sean Hornby wrote to the schools Headteacher, Dominic Mckeon and said: “After being contacted by several parents of pupils who have children attending your school with concerns that Unisex toilets have been introduced in school areas, including the canteen.”

“One parent complained that no sanitary provisions [were in the] toilets and others said that they had to wait a long time to use the toilets and had to miss lunch because they ran out of time to eat.”

Hornby added: “I am also informed that when parents were ringing up to speak to someone about the issues and express their concerns, they [were] told to leave their telephone numbers.”

It seems the Headteacher at Little Lever School in Bolton did not reply to Mr Hornby’s letter or the hundreds of angry parents.

Sean Hornby said it was a “very poor PR exercise by the school and on this occasion, I believe the school need to learn lessons, not the pupils.”

After we published the story, Little Lever Headteacher, Dominic McKeon spoke to local paper The Bolton News and said: “They are in an open space rather like those some restaurants serving both sexes.”

“We decided to have toilets closer to the canteen over lunchtime time so children were not having to walk to the other toilets which were on the other side of the school and to stop others who are having their lessons from being disturbed,” he claimed.

Mckeon added: “The cubicles are fully enclosed with communal sinks outside.”

The Bolton News also added that one parent had kept her daughter off school saying she is uncomfortable with the new toilet arrangements.

She said: “So many parents are not happy about this, I think it is disgusting. Girls don’t want to use a toilet which a boy has been in, it’s different at home because its your family. I’m also worried about girls and boys using the same toilets.”

She added: “I am going to put my daughter into another school.”

Her daughter said: “I feel uncomfortable using the toilets and I helped a young girl to find the toilets and she saw a young boy go in and didn’t want to use them.”

It’s not the first time this has happened, in August 2017 a PRIMARY school in Glasgow introduced Unisex toilets to similar outrage.

Several people wrote letters of objection after it emerged boys and girls would have to share toilets at Blairdardie Primary school.

Council bosses said the unisex toilets would ‘stop bullying’ and stop lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pupils from having to worry about using the ‘wrong’ toilet.

Local officials dismissed parents’ concerns, saying the objections were “not a material planning consideration”.

Little Lever School did not reply to a request for comment. 



  1. Anonymous

    September 6, 2018 at 17:19

    To all of the mothers who say this is fine, have you ever been in a gents toilet? Theres a reason why they have urinals, not only for speed but for aim. Wait until your daughters complain of urine all over the seats. And where is the consideration for pupils who are lgbt? Oh thats right they dont matter!!!

  2. Sinead Connollyb

    September 6, 2018 at 21:13

    Never mind that males leave lavatories in a vile state – yes , I’ve cleaned lavatories – pissing everywhere and frequently forgetting to flush , let’s look at this claim that it’ll “reduce bullying “ shall we ?
    You’re a twelve year old girl , experiencing your first periods, and you can’t utilise the sanitary wear dispensers without boys watching , you can’t clean blood off your hands without boys watching , sniggering and staring ? That’s the very least of it .
    There’s an epidemic of sexually motivated attacks on girls in our schools , even the education secretary is concerned .
    While only ten percent of public facilities – such as swimming pool changing rooms – are mixed sex , they’re the places where 99% of all sexual offences occur in such facilities .
    Incidentally , many boys are reporting this makes them uncomfortable as well .
    There’s a way of fixing the issues of transgender kids , and that ain’t throwing 100% of girl pupil s under the bus over the needs of > 1% of the population.

    Quits apart from that , schools have a statutory obligation to provide single sex facilities to all pupils at primary school and above , so this council is breaking the law .

    • BP

      September 7, 2018 at 15:30

      I work in clubs and I have to say that the Women’s toilets are the dirtiest.

  3. Gail Hunt

    September 6, 2018 at 22:55

    My granddaughter goes to this school and I think it’s disgusting when girls go to the toilet it’s a private room for them to talk about girls things and what’s going on with there periods and what they use and pain they get they don’t want boys laughing at them when they need to use the tampon and towel dispensers it’s embarrassing so just think what is going to be like and the same for the boys to see this happening if a girl as mesther uniform and needs help of her friends.Sorry but no this is not right.

  4. jeff White

    September 7, 2018 at 01:29

    Let’s get rid of the euphemistic “unisex” or “gender neutral” references.

    These are Mixed Sex toilets.

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