EXCLUSIVE: P’boro MP Lisa Forbes Rocked By NEW Campaign Scandal

THE CORBYN-loving MP currently under public scrutiny after knowingly hiring a convicted vote-rigger on her election campaign and for endorsing vile anti-Jewish sentiments on social media, has now come under serious fire over her close association with a terrorist-sympathiser. 

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get worse for newly-elected (by less than 700 votes, under highly suspicious circumstances) Peterborough Labour MP Lisa Forbes, photographs showing the antisemitic member of Parliament using a well-known social media troll on her recent campaign who holds pro-Hamas and extremist beliefs have once again sparked public outrage and have thrown her suitability for the highly-coveted role into further dispute, Politicalite can exclusively reveal. 

In May of this year, Politicalite contacted the leader of the local Labour Party, Shaz Nawaz, along with the Labour Head Office in London, to make a formal complaint about the vile anti-semitic, pro-Hamas and pro-IRA comments made by social media troll and Labour Councillor Candidate Alan Gasparutti.

WARPED: Vile Labour campaigner and Lisa Forbes ally, Alan Gasparutti.

Gasparutti, who is stands as a candidate in the local elections in Peterborough for the Labour Party, made various disgraceful comments after repeatedly refusing to condemn Hamas’ intentional murdering of innocent Israelian children and also promoting the IRA and other terrorist organisations.

Hamas is an Islamist group regarded as a terrorist organisation by several countries and international organisations including the United States and the European Union.

Since September 2000, Hamas has perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks as well as 52 recorded suicide attacks in which 288 Israelis, including school children, were murdered, and 1,646 were wounded.

Hamas are a proscribed terrorist organisation directly responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent people, particularly Jews. 

Gasparutti, a staunch remainiac who recently came under fire for describing people who voted for Brexit as “bullies”, and who has openly defended criminal MP Fiona Onasanya, was asked to denounce Hamas’ direct involvement in the deployment of suicide bombers against innocent school kids no less than six times, yet each time chose to either refuse to condemn the terrorist group or attempted to justify their hideous actions.

Going as far as to distastefully allude a comparison between the likes of Hamas and the IRA with the late Nelson Mandela, the consistently (or perhaps ‘luckily’ for the citizens of Peterborough) unelected Labour candidate – after being asked one final time to condemn terrorist acts against children – stated that: “…terrorists have brought peace when given an opportunity”.

One of Alan’s campaign leaflets in which he states that he ‘isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty’… whilst showing him wearing gloves to protect his hands from dirt.

One of Alan’s associates and Facebook friends, Mark Williams – a Labour activist (predominantly “active” in trolling social media) also came under fire this week after sharing an antisemitic video and for posting on his personal Facebook page: “If you’re Jewish and support this kind of violence [referring to the conflict in Gaza] don’t you dare accuse me of racism when I speak out against Israel”.

The Peterborough Tories, along with the city’s Brexiteer Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Paul Bristow, were the first to quickly expose Williams’ dubious ideology – posting on their official Twitter account:

Peterborough Labour Campaigner Mark Williams’ tweet was rightly slammed by the local Tory branch.

In another of his vicious rants, Gasparutti accused both the Tories and the “right wing” for starting the fire – a deeply dangerous and completely unfounded statement that promoted hatred and sparked condemnation from the local public.

Says it all about the right, good for nothing” Alan wrote closed Facebook group ‘Peterborough Politics’ – a group run by Labour Councillor Darren Fower, that is known to harbor and promote antisemitic, pro-terrorist ideologies. “Apart from starting a fire, perhaps”. “You know all about sinking low” he then replied to the objections of a local resident, “Just like other Tories here, more concerned with digging an ever-bigger hole for yourself. Let me know when you’ve finished and I’ll cover it up. Then again, you know all about cover-ups, don’t you”.

Gormless Gasparutti was also used on criminal MP Fiona Onasanya’s campaign team during the ‘crooked’ 2017 snap election.

The irate keyboard warrior, an employee of Huntingdon District Council, then went on to post a series of further deplorable comments, including an attack on Boris Johnson and a dead politician.

The politician in question, Welsh Labour’s Carl Seargeant, tragically committed suicide in late 2017 after a controversial disciplinary case, leaving behind a grieving widow and children.

One MP had the dignity to commit suicide” Alan took to social media to scornfully post, “how about Boris doing the same? Or Fallon? Two faced Tories”.

Gasparutti’s outrageously disrespectful comments on the Grenfell tragedy that was caused by a faulty gas cooker.

The issue of rising suicide rates and the stigma attached to mental health has been a key issue of focus over recent years, with suicide being the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in England. After raising a complaint with Alan Gasparutti’s employer, the Council took swift action against the tasteless cretin, causing him to temporarily go silent on social media. 

But despite proof of his anti-semitic, terrorist-promoting mind-set being sent to and acknowledged by local Labour Leader Shaz Nawaz (a close friend of both Lisa Forbes and ballot burglar Tariq Mahmood), rather than discipline the local Corbynite, both Nawaz and Forbes decided to HIRE him for use in their recent By-Election campaign; clearly endorsing the many warped ideologies he represents.

In one of Forbes’ Labour campaign photographs now being shared widely on social media, Lisa Forbes can be seen standing proudly with Gaspautti in her campaign team, along with Shaz Nawaz. 

Gasparutti (right, beside Shaz Nawaz) was chosen to be on the Labour campaign team for Lisa Forbes despite them knowing of his vile beliefs and public statements.

Other photographs of their intentional inclusion of the anti-semite on the campaign of a Parliamentary candidate already under attack for her vile anti-semitic leanings, have also emerged. 

The latest scandal adds to the ongoing campaign to finally hold the local Peterborough Labour branch to account for their intentional hiring of a convicted vote-rigger on their campaign team, in a suspicious By-Election that saw Forbes steal the Peterborough seat by under 700 votes. 

Polticalite once again contacted the Labour Head Office and reinforced our formal complaint over the use of Gasparutti on Lisa’s campaign team. However – as is usually the Labour way when it comes to incidents of anti-semitism and extremism – they have chosen to ignore it. 

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