EXCLUSIVE: Peterborough Labour Candidate ‘linked’ to Holocaust DENIAL and EXTREME Anti-West Views

A MUSLIM Labour candidate with links to convicted criminal Labour MP Fiona Onasanya’s Peterborough has made sexist comments and associated herself with an extremist holocaust denier, Politcalite can exclusively reveal.

In the first of her shocking acts, Dr Shabina Asad Qayyum, a rising star in the recently shamed Labour Peterborough branch, proudly tagged a fellow supporter on Facebook with links to holocaust denial and extreme anti-western views.

In a recent post about her Labour campaigning activities for the upcoming local elections in which Shabina stands as a representative of comrade Corbyn in East Ward, Peterborough, the Doctor chose the first person to be tagged as Mohammed Aslam.

Aslam, a staunch Labourite, was found to have made consistent comments on social media promoting anti-western, anti-semitic ideologies, including calling the USA and its allies “super evil”. In one of his more damning posts, Politicalite discovered Aslam, in broken English, alluding that the Holocaust was an invention of zionist. “By using the pretext of Holocaust is victimizing Muslims worldwide,” the young supporter of Qayyum wrote. “Yet if the Holocaust has taken place as they claim, [it] was not perpetrated by Muslim people or any Muslim country.”

The Labour candidate’s associate was also found to have claimed that all Americans are blood-thirsty, saying that gun culture is legalized in the United States because “bloodthirst persists instinctively in their minds and hearts”. Aslam also believes that Americans have no morals and (most bizarrely) that they spread HIV.

On commenting on President Trump’s decision to suspend financial aid to Pakistan in response to the countries responsibility in harbouring terrorists, Aslam wrote: “This will enable Pakistan to take measures for self-reliance instead of looking for Aid coming from the USA, which for last 60 years has proven deadly disease the HIV virus for Pakistan. It would be very much appreciated if the government of PTI avoids letting AIDS virus from the USA infect Pakistan from now on”.

When approached by a member of her constituency in objection to the company she keeps, the Doctor issued an ominous threat relating to revenge porn against the constituent, claiming that members of her Labour team had advised her of a private video taken from a mobile phone stolen from the constituent that depicted a sex act performed by the constituent’s former girlfriend, in the hope that it would dissuade the constituent from publicly objecting to her link to antisemitism.

Revenge porn is a sexual offence and was classified as such in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, with promoting revenge pornography or using it to blackmail someone landing the accused with a prison sentence of up to two years. Despite this, Qayyum still hoped that the vague threat would secure the constituent’s silence, stating that “I’ve also checked with my team who have told me you are known to a “BJ” in regards to a video?…”

Just yesterday, the shameless Labour candidate also ruffled feathers, even amongst her own Labour supporters, by mocking the idea that women should be treated equally to men in religion. “I don’t go around asking women to lead prayers in mosques” she scoffed. “I also don’t go around asking women to give ‘Talaaqs’ to their husbands”.

In Islamic Law, Talaaq is a divorce affected by the husband’s enunciation of the word ‘talaq’, this constituting a formal repudiation of his wife. This sexist practice that contradicts British law is frowned upon, particularly in the way that it refuses wives from being able to do the same and is thus classed as sexist, being related to Sharia Law and the outdated belief that “the word of a woman is worth half that of a man”.

In recent years, Muslim women have bravely fought to have their voices heard and to be accepted in British mosques as leaders of prayer and worship, yet have consistently come under fire by more conservative Muslims such as the female Labour candidate.

Local Labour activists have defended the doctor’s shocking statements; including key members of the Labour Branch in Peterborough whom Politicalite has recently exposed for promoting antisemitism and for sympathising with terrorism.

With an election looming, and with their MP currently having to wear an electronic tag as part of her conviction stipulations whilst also being accused of collusion with a convicted election fraudster, as reported by us back in January of this year

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the decent, hardworking people of Peterborough.

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