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EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Tommy Band DROPPED by Record Label after Pro-Tommy track

A SCOTTISH Band that wrote a song about Tommy Robinson calling him a ‘Working Class Hero’ and was dropped for an upcoming Music Festival have been dropped from their record label, Politicalite can exclusively reveal. 

Lead singer of The Rebellions Sydney Rebel and Keezy, Regi, Dunga  exclusively spoke to Politicalite and revealed that they have been dropped from Animal Farm Records and a management company in London over the pro-Tommy song as it “didn’t agree with his views”

The Rebellions released a track called “Tommy Don’t Stop” to their Facebook page. However, the organisers of Live @ Troon festival where they were scheduled to be the opening act were unimpressed and kicked the band off their stage and said it was due to the the “nature of their latest release.”

We asked the lads why they decided to make the track? and asked if they supported Tommy and the Free Tommy movement.

They said: “We believe in Tommy’s freedom of speech. He is a brave man to do what he does! And yes we support the free Tommy movement.’

I asked the band if they expected to be dropped from the festival following the track.

The festival organizers said they believed in free speech but still took the decision to drop the band.

“It is with deep regret that we have made the decision to drop one of the bands due to play our Live@Troon Main Stage this year.

“The Rebellions are a very talented young local band who have played the festival before and we were delighted to give them the opportunity to open up our main stage on a Saturday night.

“Sadly, due to the nature of one of their latest release, we no longer feel it would be appropriate for them to play the festival.

“Live@Troon fully support freedom of speech, however, we feel the lyrics and meaning behind this song would be detrimental both to our charity, our sponsors and more importantly to you, our supporters.

We asked what they had to say to say the organizers? and asked was this kind of thing common in the music industry,

The Rebellions said: “This is not common in the music industry in 2018, as far as we know. There are none we think of at all.”

“We say to the organisers… how can you say you believe in free speech and shut us down for what We say?”

“They are completely contradicting themselves! They shut us down for who we wrote about and they didn’t like it! “

“We have been shut down from prestfest, beer fest in beith and live @ troon over a song.

“It’s unreal! We knew the song would split opinion but we never thought would get this much backlash from clearly hateful people! We have been playing the song for nearly a year now and people loved it. “

They loved the energy it brought to wherever we played! Now people know what it’s about they r having none of it. Its complete shut down of free speech!”

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