EXCLUSIVE: Protester Exposes SHOCK Met Police Brutality At DFLA Rally

A MET Police Officer has been accused of a shocking degree of police brutality after allegedly attacking a protester at a recent DFLA rally, Politicalite can reveal.

Pat Fitzgerald, 45 attended a DFLA rally against the crackdown on Free Speech, Gun-Crime, Gang Violence and Grooming Gangs on Saturday in central London but was brutally attacked, allegedly by a Met Police officer for ‘expressing his right to protest and express his political opinions.’

Officer ‘CN 1105’ pictured above allegedly left severe marks on Pat’s arms, legs and on his head, exposing a long-reported tactic used by The Met when they police political marches.

Mr Fitzgerald said that he attended the rally to “do something” for his children and his grandchildren. “I feel I have to try and do something for my children and future grandchildren’s future instead of being a keyboard warrior and sit on my backside.” but he did not expect to be attacked by the state for expressing his political opinions.

Pat exclusively told Politicalite: “The march was peaceful and then the Police started splitting our group up in sections making it smaller and they had let Antifa block our route.”

He accused the Met of a “calculated move” to split up the DFLA and attack protesters using Antifa as an excuse. “At one point they let a group of Antifa break away to goad advancing DFLA members,” said Pat.

“This obviously changed the whole mood of a peaceful march and then the police decided to get heavy-handed even with women and children present.”

He accused Antifa of “lighting flares and throwing objects” and said the police did nothing. “When we shouted out at them and accused the Police of being their puppets, they randomly started attacking the little group of us who was at the front.”

When questioned by Politicalite on alleged ‘Nazi Salutes’ by the DFLA reported in the press, he said: “I can promise you this, I never see anything like that and if I or anyone I know who was on that march, and saw that, we would say something, as that is a vile, disgusting act and is not acceptable.”

He also denied the DFLA was a ‘Far-Right’ group as claimed in the Mainstream Media adding “We are not a far-right group, if the DFLA was I wouldn’t be a part of it, not a chance.”

Pat said he supports the DFLA as he believes that the British working class have been left behind.

He said: “That doesn’t just mean white people, I mean all cultures, they do not have a voice anymore and our freedom of speech has been removed unless your view adheres to the now far left.”

“Issues from the extremism of all forms, to knife and gun crime, our homeless.

“We have become a nation afraid to express our views for fear of being labelled.”

“I hope the marches will somehow grow and more people of all cultures join us and hopefully the government will realise we do have a voice and should be heard.”

Despite the alleged attack, Pat said that this has made him more determined to protest more and stand up for what he believes in.

“I will not be bullied, harassed by what I now see as a fascist state which is quite ironic as apparently through labelling that’s what I’m supposed to be.”

Multiple sources have told Politicalite that several Met Police officers have been suspended over multiple incidents.

We have contacted the Met for comment. 

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