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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Senior Prison Officer SUSPENDED for Supporting Tommy Robinson has been SACKED and Reported To Police Scotland

A PRISON officer who was suspended from a Scottish Prison was later FIRED by his employer and is appealing the decision, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Tommy McAlpine, 30, was suspended earlier this year after he voiced support for recently freed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson in a Facebook post. He has worked for HMP Addiewell since 2008.


A source inside the prison who asked not to be named exclusively told Politicalte that the prison guard ‘planned to spend his entire career there and that he loved his job.’

Tommy, 30 moved up the ranks to Senior Officer a few years ago was responsible for a staffing group of over 50 officers, a diverse group which included Muslims.


The insider said: “He got on great with everyone – he was very much the poster boy of the prison. He was heavily involved in recruitment and had an amazing, exceptional and clean record – his firing was totally political.”

“Tommy was well liked and well respected by everyone, including senior management.” said our source.

Tommy even risked his life for his job and his car was blown up when he went to work in 2016.

The blast sent shockwaves around the privately run prison in West Lothian.

It was reported that one of the guards had annoyed one of the dangerous prisoners inside and the men who blew up the cars were doing his ‘dirty work.’

Our source said that even after Tommy’s car was firebombed, he went back to work on Monday and took no time off sick.”

The source added: “Tommy took no action against the prison and he didn’t try to claim money off them, he was loyal as f***.”

Following the arrest of Tommy Robinson, Kris Peace posted on Facebook calling Tommy Robinson a ‘cunt.’


The full post read: “Sugarcoat Tommy Robinson all you want to try and justify your own racist views but the man is a complete cunt! That is all.”


The post went on to receive over 90 comments from various different people.

McAlpine commented in support of Robinson, he made it clear in the comments exclusively seen by Politicalite that everything he said wasn’t his own opinion or his views, despite this, it was still used against him by the Prison

He said: “Christians don’t preach genocide. Muslims do. ‘Enticing hatred’ pretty much sums up the Muslim religion.”

A Prison Unit Manager by the name of Adam Banner was responsible for the screenshots of the Facebook post being sent to the intelligence department of HMP Addiewell.

Our source said that Banner hated McAlpine and that he felt “threatened” by him and his potential to progress in his career.

After the screenshots were sent in, they were passed to the Head of Operations and McAlpine was pulled in a few hours later and suspended.

Kris was not suspended, neither were the other officers who commented on the post.

Then the entire case was leaked from the inside of the prison to The Sun newspaper, who despises Tommy Robinson.

The Scottish Sun turned up at McAlpine’s door a few days later even though no one knew about the case with the exception of high-level Prison management.

Senior Management within the prison even reported McAlpine to Police Scotland – however the force took no action and said that no crime had been committed.

The Sun painted a picture of McAlpine as a ‘racist,’ but he worked with several Muslims for years according to our insider.

Our source said: “As a wing officer, Tommy actually PROTECTED Imran ‘baldy’ Shahid, one of Scotland’s most hated prisoners.

Shahid was caged for life for the brutal 2004 murder of Glasgow schoolboy Kriss Donald.

The thug led a gang that snatched the 15-year-old off the street near his home in the city’s south side simply because he was white.

McAlpine worked on the Long-Term (LTP) hall Tay B Wing, and Rashid was in a scrap with another prisoner in a cell.

Our source said: “Tommy broke it up, escorted him to his cell and secured him away from the other prisoners.”

“The entire wing was on the landing wanting his blood – and yet Tommy did his job, like he always did, putting himself in potential harm’s way to protect Shahid.”

HMP Addiewell did not returned requests for comment. 

UPDATE: Tommy McAlpine speaks to Politicalite and says he’s ‘Overwhelmed’ by support






  1. Anonymous

    August 22, 2018 at 17:02


  2. Tony Butler

    August 22, 2018 at 18:20

    As Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment was as unlawful as May’s attack on freedom of speech, expressing support was correct, his sacking unjust.

  3. Ben

    August 22, 2018 at 18:49

    I stopped reading the moment he protected that animal Imran Sahid. Notice you did not bother to mention they kidnapped the kid took him on a 200 mile journey, beat him, tortured him, stabbed him and then doused him on petrol and set him on fire while still alive. Anyone who protected him is scum in my book.

  4. Patyern_Blind

    August 23, 2018 at 18:30

    This is disgusting that the Soros Globalist machine has turned having Opinions on other cultures who like to acid attack, gang rape, truck attack, moped attack, knife, firebomb, shoot and lob grenades is now criminal and a fireable offense.

    Honestly though Scottland is full of Marxists at the highest levels and want complete control over their people. I was having dinner with a Barrister that was on the layvlow in America for some scew up over dementia funding and the fall out a couple years past. He gleefully discussed his happiness in being a Marxist and their taking over the system.

    Anywhere you find marxists or globalists you find these disgusting crimes against human communication masquerading as political correctness.Soro’s and his Open Borders ilk need to be hunted down like dogs and put on trail for their ruining society on soo many levels. Then hung.

    It is going to be a beautiful thing when all the whites in Euroupe finally realize they are being exterminated and replaced by their rulers and decide to chimp out. The last two world wars were awesome. Soo many dead communists =D . We need another purge.

    Allah is false god. No one is god’s chosen people. Praise Odin. Hope I offended everyone equally. It’s called freedom of speech welcome to being an adult.

  5. Joey

    August 24, 2018 at 02:10

    Good! These people need to be outed.

  6. Mark

    August 24, 2018 at 15:52

    “we” ie the emerging Tommy / populist Movement need to take up this man’s case on future demo’s – if it is to be anything it must become the voice – the megaphone for the increasing number of victims of this politically correct totalitarian insanity which is infecting our society & its institutions

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