EXCLUSIVE: ‘The only way that we will change things is by taking away their seats,’ says Tommy Robinson

THE FORGOTTEN working class people of Wythenshawe descended on an open green Thursday evening to hear an announcement being made by the man that the establishment is trying to silence.

Tommy Robinson had organised an event in the heart of one of the biggest council estates in Europe and invited locals and his followers to gather for an announcement that sent shockwaves across the political Establishment in both the UK and in Europe.

In an exclusive interview with Politicalite prior to the launch of his campaign, Tommy discussed his plans, his announcement and his future political intentions – just hours ahead of our interview on Thursday and after a report on his plans to become an MEP, also reported by the mainstream media – Facebook banned our page in a direct assault on democracy, meddling in UK elections.

Arriving on Broadoak Road in Wythenshawe at 5pm, in the heart of a sprawling working-class metropolis, we were greeted to a huge screen on the far end of the green which read “Tommy Robinson here tonight 8pm”

As far as working class areas go they don’t get any more working class than this. Benchill in Wythenshawe. This is the land of Coronation Street, Shameless and The Royle Family – this particular area of Manchester is a prime example of how working class people have been forgotten by the political class and ruling elite in this country.

There are so many people here that are disenfranchised with the political system and their trust and faith in British politicians, MEP’s and MP’s is at an all-time low.

They’ve probably never had much faith or belief in the political system, to begin with, and along with the Brexit Betrayal of millions of working-class people up and down the country, you can see why they turned out for real change.

BETRAYED: May Has Caused Huge Anger Among The Working-Class

After speaking with many of the locals, we believe that their voices have been forgotten and their opinions aren’t heard or listened to. They believe that their votes count for nothing.

Feeling disillusioned by it all a local man from Sharston stated that he felt detached from politicians and that he hadn’t voted in years. He said they say one thing to win your votes and then do completely the opposite and lie afterwards about what they’d said.

“Just look at what’s happening with Brexit,” he said. “Nothing has changed around here in years, it’s one of the most deprived areas of the country, you never see these councillors or MP’s around here unless there’s an election on.”

“I’ve seen more police round here tonight than i have done in years” the man added, “they seem to have the resources to police events like this but not to tackle crime and things on the estates. It’s no wonder people feel cut off in areas like this is it? Nothing ever changes.” But if many of the residents don’t actually go out and vote how can any of them really expect anything to change?

Only around 35% of eligible voters actually turned out and put a cross on the ballot papers during the last European election cycle and its Tommy Robinsons’ belief that is where the change could occur. By shifting the balance of power and encouraging those forgotten working-class voters to get out and make the change happen. It is what the establishment fears the most.

For many a year, the people of Wythenshawe have felt like they had no voice but now, there is a man in their own back yard that is prepared to listen and make their voices heard again.

Tommy, who is a man that has been fighting for the working class people of Britain for years now and has been faced with opposition for decades.

The establishment has tried to silence him, the media have tried to discredit him, the British state tried to take away his freedom by throwing him in jail and they are now trying to completely erase him and anyone who supports him from social media by de-platforming him to prevent his reach.

On Thursday evening we witnessed the beginning of a movement, a true working class hero that has stood up time and time again now taking things to the next level.

Speaking the working class people of Wythenshawe, Robinson said that the political elite in this country has ignored our voices for too long.

Many people in areas like Benchill probably aren’t even aware of the true power that they hold, they have the numbers on their side, all they have to do is mobilise, the numbers are stacked in their favour but they’ve never had anyone to truly believe in, no one that truly represented their views or circumstances.




If Tommy can encourage significant numbers of the disenfranchised voters across the North West to give him a chance, then the establishment is going to have some serious problems ahead of them.

They’ve tried to silence him but they won’t be able to ignore him for much longer if Robinson can garner enough support to make a destructive impact here in the North West.

The announcement and Tommy’s intentions have the potential to create a historic piece of history that will be recorded as the start of what could quite easily become a movement that will send shock waves to every single MP and politician that has ignored the working class people for generations.

I watched on as people started to gather, a couple of small tents were being erected and a family bbq was in full swing, there were people of all ages here, people from across many different cultures and backgrounds waiting to hear what Tommy’s message was going to be.

This wasn’t a gathering of the “far-right” like the mainstream media would have you believe. This was working class people that have had enough of being ignored getting together to get behind a man who they have more in common with than all of the MP’s and politicians combined.

With the numbers growing and constant requests for photos and signatures coming from all angles, I went with Tommy and a friend of his to what can only be described as his mobile office. I’m guessing this is going to be very familiar surroundings for the next four weeks as Tommy and his team take their message to the working class people right across the North West.

Many people won’t see that side of him, the side where he’ll be away from his family for the next month and probably more, the sacrifices he makes and the dedication he puts into everything that he does.

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Mr Robinson, 36 In His Mobile Campaign Office

He doesn’t do it for the money, he does these things because he wants to make a difference, he even stated to me that if he was elected he would donate his entire salary to the victims of child grooming gangs.

I have met Tommy a few times now and I’ve watched how he interacts with people closely, I’ve watched just how many people from all walks of life and backgrounds want to talk and interact with him, people travel from far and wide to attend his events because they want to hear what he has to say, people have had enough of the lies and deceit that comes out of the mouths of the establishment politicians and local councillors that don’t really have a clue about what goes on in areas like these, so here I was sat directly opposite with the man the establishment has tried to keep quiet.

Tommy has announced that he is going to standing as an Independent candidate to become a Member of European Parliament (MEP) for the North West of England.

I asked Tommy why he chose ‘Wythenshawe’ for his big announcement, why he was running as an MEP and what was the reason for him choosing an area where people have very little.

Tommy simply replied that “These people have no representation, there is nobody that is representing or understanding the struggles of their day to day lives”

22 million people didn’t vote in the previous election with only 37.5 % of eligible voters actually putting a cross on the ballot paper and Tommy wants to change that.

He knows the power lays with the working class people of this country and if they come together they have the numbers to make a significant change. They have the potential to be part of a movement that could send a political earthquake to all areas across the globe.

Tommy said that he “wanted to send a message to the elite that they will never forget,” stating that the vast majority of the political establishment is run by the middle class, “there is very little representation from the true working-class and I want to change that.”

Robinson stated that this was going to be a true “David v Goliath” moment, there hasn’t been an independent candidate that has been able to break through the political barriers in this country but Tommy is determined for that to change.

If Robinson is elected as an MEP and he manages to mobilise the working class in the North West the mainstream media and the establishment won’t able to silence him any longer and they will have to give him his voice back, the people will have demanded it and that is something they are clearly already worried about, resorting to a virtual shutdown of much of his social network reach.

I asked Tommy about his younger days of activism and whether he thought he’d gone about that in the right manner and as an older, wiser man would he have done anything differently.

Credit: RT

Tommy said: “Everything is a progression, things have to start somewhere in order to move to the next stage, not everything goes the way you would like them to at times and maybe there are things you’d do differently but everything is learning curve and a progression to the next level. ”

“You only gain knowledge by going through the experience,” added Tommy.

When asked whether Tommy had any advice for the younger Tommy Robinson he replied: “That the younger Tommy did what he had to do.”

That one small statement alone will resonate loudly in the ears of the people of areas like this as many of them have had the first experience of doing what you have to do in order to get by and survive.

“There’s a time and a place for everything,” the Luton man said, “I’m a different man to what I was back then, everything changes, everyone changes, and circumstances around you change. We all change year on year.”

I asked Tommy what effects the constant persecution of him by the state has had on him and his family.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES: – This Time Last Year, Tommy Was Jailed By The State

Tommy looked straight at me and said: “It only makes me more determined, more determined to fight and change things.”

“We are not gaining anything from marches or protests, they are laughing at us all, the only way that we will change things is by taking away their seats.”

I put it to Tommy that many people are under the impression that ‘Tommy Robinson’ is a racist, many people listen to views that are put out about him in the mainstream media, I asked him if this was a falsehood played out by the media to discredit him and divert support away from him and his movement?

Tommy said: “I have many friends of black, Muslim and Asian origin, we all grew up together, we have a laugh and the banter and we don’t see colour, they would all tell you that I’m not racist, people don’t buy into their lies about racism anymore, they can see what is going on for themselves.”

Tommy said he was out at an evening not long back that was predominantly attended by black people, it was a great music night and was one of only a small number of white people that were there but so many people were coming up to him asking for photos and chatting with him, they were telling him that they agreed with many of the things he believes in and that they could see where the division is being sowed from for themselves.


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As the crowd was beginning to assemble I knew we didn’t have long now as Tommy was in high demand and had lots of other people to see, I wanted to know what changes Tommy would bring to the political systems if he was elected and what kind of things would he be running on, firmly he replied “Honesty” I want honesty to return to politics, it’s important for the truth to be told and respected and for transparency and accountability to return to our democracy.

The mainstream media portray Tommy Robinson to be “far-right” so I asked him where he stood on the political spectrum and he said that he’d describe himself as a liberal, something that was confidently backed up by his long-standing friend sitting at the side of him. “He doesn’t have a problem with anything or anyone, you just have to look at the people he associates with when he’s away from the public eye to see that, look at some of the people that are here tonight”

I asked Tommy if he thought we’d ever leave the European Union and he said: “We would if he was in charge,” and that thought “Theresa May was the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen and that she has continually lied to and betrayed the British people on so many lives.”

That won’t happen if the people of the North West elect people like Tommy Robinson into power.


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