Tommy Robinson catches Muslim man who threatened to kill his family after Police failed to act

TOMMY ROBINSON was forced to find the man who was threatening his family after authorities failed to act.

Last week Robinson reported abuse to the Police, but Tommy found the abuser before Bedfordshire Police acted.


The ex-EDL leader turned journalist for Rebel Media posted the shock encounter on his Facebook Page.

Tommy Robinson said: “I caught the Muslim who has been threatening my family.”

He added: “How has it been left to me to find this man.”


The man who has not been identified had claimed to have mental health issues and revealed he had been brainwashed by Ali Dawah.

Robinson wrote: “Ali Dawah brainwashed him. The police simply will not protect my family.”

The man in question was arrested, this was confirmed by Dawah on his Twitter page and he responded to the accusations made in Robinson’s video.

“Just spoke to the mentally ill guy’s sister, she said he hasn’t taken his Medication in few days and that’s what caused him to behave like that. He’s arrested at [the] police station, my interview with her will be out in an hour.” Dawah said.


Last week Bedfordshire Police said it was aware of threats to Robinson and confirmed they were “being investigated”

Robinson wrote on social media “Do you know how many times I have gone into Bedford police station, I have gone into Kempston police station, to say here are comments to kill my family but nothing ever gets done.”

“I have three kids, an innocent wife, my family are scared.”

Tommy added that an address had been released online claiming to be where he lived, but the information was wrong and the current occupants of that adress were now “terrified”.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    February 2, 2018 at 21:44

    I must disagree, Islam is a religion of peace. Everything they have anything to do with is left in pieces.

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