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EXCLUSIVE: Travellers Face DEATH THREATS on TikTok Amid Gov’t Crackdown

TRAVELLERS are facing increased hate amid the Government’s new laws that will “destroy the Gypsy way of life”, Politicalite can reveal. 

On social media app TikTok – racist and bigoted comments about Gypsies and Travellers have been increasing.

One video posted on the video app that showed a caravan on fire on a Traveller site saw dozens of racist comments with some cheering at the thought of families being burned to death in their homes.

A user called fiachramcguinnes said: “They should have been in there.”

Whilst one user wrote: “another one bites the dust” 

Sean Herlihy replied: “Hahahahah love that hope the rest burn.” 

Jasmine said: “Fucking mint!” 

Grant Mason wrote: “YES YES YES who do we thank for that?” 

Politicalite reached out to TikTok over the rampant racism on its platform, but has not yet received a reply.

The hatred towards Travellers, a recognised ethnic group is nothing new.

Last year, Channel 4 was rapped over ‘Dispatches – The Truth About Traveller Crime’ was accused of tarring all Travellers with the same brush and was accused of “putting the whole of the Traveller community on trial for the actions of a minority.” by one campaign group.

One angry young traveller spoke to Politicalite and said: “I’m an English traveller absolutely disgusted in not only channel 4’s programme but also at the response of extremely racist individuals online.” 

In an open letter to Channel 4 young Gypsy named Rhiannon spoke to Politicalite and had a message to producers: “Channel 4, why didn’t you make a show about the charitable work of the travellers to the food banks at Christmas?”

“Why don’t you talk about the travellers that are currently taking masters degrees in top universities? Why don’t you focus a show on our positive role models in sport? or Our rich musical traditions?

Why do you want to put the spotlight on the minority? Please answer these questions oh yeah and while your at it please tell me what idiot thought it was a good idea to call the show “The Truth about Traveller Crime”?”

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star Paddy Doherty hit back and aired his frustration that the entire community could be tarred by a few families.

He said: “If – the country people has been wrecked by the travellers well, you can’t blame the country people, can you, and you can’t blame the police, can you?” 

“But it’s not all the travellers on that site, it’s only maybe two or three families, and that’s why they should be put off that site.” 


HOME Secretary, Priti Patel, said in March, that the new laws will target trespassers “who intend to reside on any private or public land in vehicles without permission, and where they are causing significant disruption, distress or harm to local communities.”

“This new offence will enable the police to fine or arrest those residing without permission on private or public land in vehicles in order to stop significant disruption, distress or harm being caused to the law-abiding majority,” she added.

The new law also gives the police the powers to seize and impound vehicles whose owners fail to comply with the new law and who refuse – or can’t – leave.

Gypsy and Traveller campaigners reacted with fury telling The Travellers Times that the laws were “racist”. 

“You are criminalising a problem that has been created by the failings of a political will to deliver appropriate accommodation,” said Joseph P Jones from the Gypsy Council, in a Facebook comment left on Priti Patel’s Facebook page.

Joseph P Jones also pointed out that to get planning permission to develop their own permanent legal Traveller site, Gypsies and Travellers have to obtain ‘gypsy status’, the only requirement of which is to prove that they are – and will – continue to travel.

“Travellers are told they have to prove they travel to gain planning permission for their own private sites,” he added.

Heavy police presence as travellers move on from fields in Lichfield - Lichfield Live

“But locally, Councils refuse to provide public sites. Well, racism is alive and well in the Home Office. Through political failure. Be proud of your right-wing achievement.”

To develop their own sites Travellers have to prove to the Government that they are travelling – yet now the Government is making travelling illegal 


Parts of this article Courtesy of The Travellers Times. 

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