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EXCLUSIVE: The turbulent personal life of ‘Activate’ chief Gary Markwell

Colette has said she is speaking out because she says someone of his demeanor should not be running the Youth wing of the Conservatives.

Markell and Girlfriend Sabina

GARY MARKWELL – the new chief of the grassroots Conservative campaign group ‘Activate’ is not all that he seems according to a former employee.

Colette Murphy claims that Mr Markwell is a fake who used a local Conservative Association as a ‘bank’ with bogus expenses claims totalling thousands of pounds each month.

Whilst working as a Secretary for the Arundel and South Downs Conservative Association, Ms Murphy says that Markwell was unprofessional, always turned up late and often went AWOL due to his ‘strange’ relationship with his ‘Glamour Model’ girlfriend Sabina Evangelista.

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Early on in the position, Ms Murphy said that all of the office phones were unplugged and when she confronted Markwell as to why he responded by saying “Sabina constantly phones the office and if she finds out you are working here she will go ballistic.”

On one occasion Markwell called Colette at 1 am in the morning asking if he could stay with her after he ‘kidnapped’ his baby after a row with Sabina.

Markell and Girlfriend Sabina

After he was unable to find Colettes home, she says when she turned up for work the next day, he had slept on the office floor with the baby.

She describes Markwell as “arrogant” and says he “thought he was a god” adding that he was the most “bizarre and unprofessional person I have ever worked with.”

Ms Murphy also expressed concerns about his personal expense account that amounted to thousands per month.

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Colette has also told Politicalite that Markwell bankrupted the Arundel and South Downs Conservative Association with his salary and bogus expenses claims, totaling around £1200 per month.

Most worrying to Ms Murphy was the fact she was the only one who ever looked at the copies of the expenses and nobody else seemed bothered – Giving Mr Markwell a free-ride to make bogus claims.

He also alienated the membership and the Association branches to the point where no-one wanted to volunteer their time or effort.

Colette also questions Gary Markwell’s loyalty to the Conservative Party adding that he predicted The Tories would LOSE the 2015 general election.

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Ms Murphy says she left the organisation after the Personal Assistant to her local MP, Nick Herbert told her to ‘F*ck off’ during a telephone call.

Gloria Nicholl, the PA to Nick Herbert sent an email appologising for her outburst and she also letter of apology following the outburst.

She claims after she resigned, Markwell breached Data Protection laws to get hold of her husband’s email address – her husband later received threats from Markwell and when that didn’t work he got his girlfriend Sabina to ring his phone leaving threatening messages.

Colette has said she is speaking out because someone of his demeanor should not be running the Youth wing of the Conservatives.

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