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FIGHTING BIG TECH: Politicalite is taking legal action against PayPal 

POLITICALITE is taking legal action against PayPal following the freezing of an account associated with Politicalite UK LTD.

In March of this year the company – owned by Google, that suspended our working-class outlet from its advertising network in December 2018 – is still trying to keep hold of reader donations intended for Politicalite, so we have now got a lawyer on board and are in the process of taking legal action against the US-based firm.

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Since the freezing, our website, its owner and its writers have suffered financially – but we have the tenacity to keep going and we will never surrender.

We cannot reveal too much yet and our fight will not be easy, but it isn’t cheap, so please chip in what you using the red donation box at the bottom of this article so that you can to help the little people from the Urban Jungle fight back at Big Tech and take a stand against unfair political censorship.

This is just the start of our fight with the tech masters of the universe following repeated defunding and deplatforming efforts – in 2020 we will be starting the even mightier fight against Facebook and Google (Adsense). 

Watch this space. 

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