FOR THE MANY… NOT THE JEW: Labour attempted to ‘cover-up’ HORRIFIC Anti-Semitic Abuse – Claim Jewish Family

JEREMY Corbyn and the Labour Party allegedly attempted to ‘cover-up’ a series of Anti-Semitic hate incidents aimed at a Jewish Family from Harrow, Politicalite on Sunday can exclusively reveal.

In what could be a preview of things to come in a Britain controlled by Jeremy Corbyn, the family shared their story with Politicalite on Sunday after months of horrific abuse that they claim they have received.

The family who do not wish to be identified have asked the Indian Consulate for asylum because of the racial hatred. – Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.

Since May’s European Elections, they claim they have experienced a ramping up of the abuse, but father Joshua claims it all began two years ago.

“I put a video onto YouTube of my daughter singing Psalm 125 in the garden. I sent it on an email to Labour Party addressed to Jeremy Corbyn.”

“I wrote to Corbyn asking him to resign since this Anti-semitism thing came out as its beholden to him as a leader to be conscientious and to leave his position because it is allowing anti-semitism to ferment. He is allowing more Israel haters to join the party with many Islamists who have a very anti -Jewish and anti-humanity stand. He is allowing this to happen.”

The abuse was low level up until May during the European Elections. “All hell broke loose at the European Elections where I got a Labour Party leaflet put through my door with the words: ‘I should be careful and die Jew dog, your house is next Jew.’ On the leaflet it said ‘Labour Making Change’ with Jeremy Corbyn’s face.

Joshua and his wife Peta and seven year old daughter Ayda wanted something done so Tom Watson, Deputy Leader was asked to investigate the canvassers who were putting the leaflets through the doors and discipline them for these anti-Semitic views. But he was stopped from investigating it by the local Council, which is Harrow Council claims Joshua.

COVER UP? Joshua Claims He Asked Tom Watson For Help… But Investigation Was Allegedly Blocked

“It was passed to another member of staff, Laura Murray, but the investigation was stalled as she left to go to another department.”

Joshua claims his car was broken into with his laptop, Jewish money clip stolen and a psalm book destroyed.

“Phone threats saying Jew faggot, queer, Jew dog and my number is not shared with anyone except my GP. I don’t know how my number would’ve gotten out, I don’t understand.”

Joshua wrote to Jeremy Corbyn to try and stop the anti –India protests outside India House on August 16 where Pakistani supporters converged to rebel the government’s decision on the end of Jamu and Kashmir’s special status.

Counter Indian supporters clashed with the thousands attending and caused India to take up issue with the UK.

A month later the family were under attack this time by Harrow Council claims Joshua.

Joshua explained: “They tried to break my door down. They asked us highly personal things. My views on the monarchy, my views on royalty, if I had associations with Republicans in the UK. Have you discussed Harry and Meghan?” But the most telling question was: “Have you discussed Jeremy Corbyn in your home? “

The last lady said ” I cannot confirm which other agencies the individuals you describe are from as we were no party to this visit. All warrants are logged instantly and there would be no possibility that anything would be done outside the system.” claims Joshua.

When Joshua inquired about it to Harrow Social Care he claims that there was no record of it. But he has a pink notice form seen by Politicalite.

Joshua claims this proves they were out and its signed from Willesden Magistrate Court with the name Terry Khan and the two Police Constables names on it.

When he called the Social Care number three times, three separate people confirmed no such report had been done.

The last lady said ” I cannot confirm which other agencies the individuals you describe are from as we were no party to this visit. All warrants are logged instantly and there would be no possibility that anything would be done outside the system.”


When he called Complaints Department in the Labour Party, he claims a person replied with a very abusive statement: “You Jews will go on harping about the Holocaust and suffering. Get a life and fuck off back to the ovens!”

“It didn’t feel like a Mental Health Assessment,” explained Joshua. They went to the court and found out that apparently there is no record of the visit.

We got an appointment through to attend hospital too and they were asking my daughter questions like: “I know people of your kind-Jewish, Zionist extremists. They insisted I should stop writing to Jeremy Corbyn or they will drug us forever. Stop writing she said four or five times. “

“Investigating it we found out that the MHA action was never real.” claimed Joshua.

We asked Joshua “why did you conform to an MHA in hospital appointment after they raided their house?”

He said: “We were scared, they gave us an appointment, so we went. We don’t have any money for legal advice. Then when we found out it was all fakery and intimidation, we decided to contact Politicalite.”

Joshua’s Israel Flags That Were Allegedly Burnt By Labour Activists

“Since Politicalite has been digging around The Met Police has sent us a letter saying they are taking our concerns seriously and want to meet with us.” claimed Joshua.

Joshua’s father also revealed that at a workshop on Standing up for Injustice, his daughter wrote on a plastic brick “harassing us because we are Jewish”.

The whole Shul Seminar became very quiet and we were so shocked – the hosting the event said: “We will make sure you do not become another Anne Frank’

He claimed his daughter said: “I will never become one.”

“It was a powerful reminder of how antisemitism is something Jewish children are grappling with when they see their parents facing it day and night.”

The Brexit Party responded to requests for comment about this story and said “Anti-Semitism should not be tolerated, and we will deal with it if elected.”

Politicalite repeatedly contacted The Labour Party, Tom Watson and Harrow Council, Gareth Thomas – Harrow West MP and the Harrow Mayor’s Office, over a week ago, but has received no reply. 


IN the run up to this story, Politicalite and our writers were smeared by Hope Not Hate and Labour-leaning news outlets – make of that what you will. 

We hope Joshua’s story will make you think twice about voting Labour. Anti-Semitic hatred is a REAL cancer on society and must be exposed at every opportunity.

Britain isn’t perfect, Boris Johnson isn’t perfect but he’s a damn sight better than an anti-Semite who allegedly attempts to cover-up hate campaigns against innocent families.

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