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INSIDE DOVER: Home Office Attempting To ‘Cover-up’ Dover Migrant Crisis – EXCLUSIVE

THE HOME Office has been accused of trying to ‘Cover-up’ the Migrant Crisis that has been engulfing the British town of Dover, Politicalite can reveal.

Citizen Journalist Steve Laws, 30 – who has covered the ongoing migrant crisis in Dover for well over a year, even being arrested for exposing the influx of migrants told Politicalite that the main port in which illegal migrants enter Britain has been blocked off with high fences.

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“I first started covering the illegal immigration at Dover, well over a year ago.” said Steve.

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“When I first started filming the whole operation was relatively small with only a few strange containers used as a ‘processing’ facility.”

“Fast forward to now and the whole site is blocked off with high fences.”

“The site itself has now has large scale tents for the processing of migrants with several porta-cabins to hold the illegal immigrants until collected by coaches.”

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“It has grown in size by at least five times its original size.”

“Coaches used to wait in the car park next to the site but since the scale has grown the coaches now wait at the Eastern Docks and come down to the Western docks (illegal immigration centre) to collect the illegal immigrants when it’s time.”

“This is due to the Home Office not wanting the image of four to five coaches parked up ready and waiting to collect illegal immigrants and drive them to four mid-Channel or shared accommodation.”

“The women and children are collect by Mitie vans and taken to the care and custody mid-channel pick ups, they are taken to various hotels and social services facilities throughout Kent.

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“Last year, 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived by boat (that we know about). This year the final figure will be closer to 20k, if not higher. We have already had well 5,500 illegal immigrants harassed boat (that we know-left.”

“They have come through Dover after being picked up mid Channel from a French escort and ferried back to Dover by the Border Force.”

“The RNLI also assist the Border Force with mid Channel pick ups whilst claiming they go out to a rescue. But let’s be honest here, a ‘rescue’ is not a mid Channel pick up from the French. They’re just using that excuse to justify their actions and to avoid any harm to their donations.”

“Over my time of covering this, especially early on, I as-well as others were constantly harassed by the police and far left media as-well as receiving a very hostile welcome from UK Border Force.”

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“These days the relationship with the Border Force and coach drivers is a lot better, it seems that we’ve come to a mutual understanding to just leave each other alone and let one another do their jobs without interference.”

Recently the Dover Harbour Board have tried to serve an application for an injunction to stop 5 of us filming at the docks.

I attended court last week and the date had been ‘vacated due to lack of judiciary time’ which simplified means it’ll just be moved to a later date because neither the prosecution nor defence had time to prepare. That’s without going into the fact the way they issued the injunction was wrong and unlawful due to not taking the necessary approach.

I personally feel this is just another feeble attempt at trying to stop us from filming because we put out the absolute truth of what is happening without any manipulation. Not one member of the mainstream media was served an injunction, despite them always putting out false narratives and manipulating the truth.

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This attempt to silence us won’t work, if anything it has only motivated us to work even harder at exposing the government’s failings in handling illegal immigration.

I’ll stop filming when the boats stop coming. No amount of pressure (legally or by the media) will put me off and the same can be said for the others who cover illegal immigration too.

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