LABOUR Leader Rewarded Vote-Rigger With Trip To Visit The QUEEN

A PERSONAL visit to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen is perhaps an out-of-reach wish found towards the top-end of many a bucket list or ill child’s dreams. But for convicted Labour vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood, this dream was made a reality, after the leader of the Peterborough Labour branch chose to reward him with the royal visit – AFTER being thrown behind bars and costing the taxpayer one million pounds in an investigation that unearthed one of the most serious cases of electoral fraud seen in her majesty’s realm.

Not satisfied with one stint at her majesty’s pleasure, Mahmood and Labour leader Shaz Nawaz (a close friend of the fraudster), made the trip after snatching-up invitations sent to the local Labour office. 

Fraudster Mahmood, left, and Labour Peterborough Leader Shaz Nawaz, with crooked former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya.

Nawaz – a young Corbynista recently discovered through videos on YouTube to have made his bread and butter partly by advising businesses on how to exploit loopholes to avoid paying taxes (how very ‘For the many, not the few’ of him) – chose to take his fellow crooked Comrade to the honoured event, despite his extremist ideologies displayed on social media, and despite his zero remorse for trying to deviously deny the British electorate of their democratic voice by forging ballot papers and redirecting postal votes. 

In one of many arguments with Politicalite’s editor, the convicted convict bragged about his attendance at the glamorous, once-in-a-lifetime event, on Facebook page ‘Peterborough Politics’ – a hotbed for socialist anti-semitic/pro-Hamas sentiment. 

Tariq’s boastful comment on social media.

“Got two (photos) two with her Majesty too, Seaton”, Mahmood bragged to Peterborough Councillor David Seaton. 

“Are you referring to your time at her Majesty’s pleasure?” Politicalite Editor Jay Beecher mocked him. “A selfie taken on a smuggled phone inside HMP Leicester isn’t the same as a Royal visit you know, Tariq”. 

Mahmood confirmed: “Correction for you Beecher. Buckingham Palace for tea and then House of Lords”.

The Queen’s garden parties are intended to reward British citizens for acts of service to either the crown or to the British community.

Tariq’s claim has since been checked and verified, with it now becoming apparent that the royal family and its staff were not made aware of Tariq Mahmood’s serious conviction and his vile disrespect for British democracy – democracy that millions have fought and died to protect. 

Nor would the Royal household have been too pleased with the Peterborough Labour branch for ‘sneaking in’ a man who used racist language against a cabinet member, or accusing the British government of being behind the Manchester Arena Attack. 

The fact that Mahmood was (rather than rightly being expelled from the Labour Party) rewarded by Labour in such a grand fashion – meeting the Queen and visiting The House of Lords that symbolizes the very thing he sought to destroy – shortly after his release from prison makes one wonder what he was being rewarded for, although, perhaps the answer is reasonably obvious.

One is not amused.

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