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LONDON PROTESTS: Anti-lockdown protests ROCK Capital in the midst of a potential second lockdown

LONDON is once again the scene of another set of protests by disgruntled citizens who fear a second lockdown being imminent. Politicalite has been following the events as they unfold.

Another mass protest has erupted in London, namely Trafalgar Square, in opposition to the governments’ continued lockdown and curfews, with hundreds gathered demanding freedom from government restrictions.

Frustration with the governments’ Stop-Go system of persistent lockdowns and subsequent business closures in some areas has led to many believing the government has not handled the alleged second wave very well at all. Returning to normality is what is on the minds of most people in the UK, but the perpetual cycle of lockdown and reopening leave many feeling unsure whether the lockdowns are in fact a net benefit.

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With this in mind, Trafalgar Square has been populated by many who share this view. Chants of “freedom” have echoed throughout central London, signs are being held, and unrest is rife.

David Kurten, a member of the London Assembly and prominent anti-lockdown activist, was alleged to be present too.

Alongside those protesting a possible second lockdown, there have been a number of Covid-sceptics and conspiracy theorists present too. 

There was a protestor noted to have been carrying a sign calling for the resignation of the government’s SAGE advisors and several other protestors calling the virus a hoax. 

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The police responded to the mass gatherings, with minor confrontations occurring and riot gear present. Some minor confrontations have occurred on both sides. 

There have been instances of crowds pushing back walls of police, and many arrests have been witnessed. Things were particularly heated when protestors encountered police in riot gear, despite attendees regarding this as a peaceful protest.

The City of London Police responded to the protests, taken from an excerpt from the Daily Mail’s coverage, stating: “It is important to remember that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, and these changes have been introduced to help control the spread of the virus.” 

In any case, it is clear that the people are growing restless with inconsistent and unclear policy, and at the very least some clarity must be given. 

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More follows.


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