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MY MIGRANT HELL: Trafficked and Forced To Work For ‘£50 A Month’

BOLTON is a working-class former Milltown on the outskirts of Greater Manchester – I’m from a rough part of a town plagued with a series of major social issues that all Labour-run towns face and this week I met a bloke begging on the street corner of my local high street, and his story will shock you.

Seeing the homeless and the vulnerable on the street is a genuine occurrence – in fact, its a part of everyday life. Over the past year, however, there has been a sharp rise in the homeless and needy moving from asking for help in the town centre and going into residential parts of the town – and it’s getting worse.

Bolton, Northern England

Some are English – some are foreign, but they all share the same problem. They can’t get any real help from the local Labour council who is supposed to help them – they’re too busy blowing millions on vanity projects to bring in big business and try to boost the economy – instead of helping folk who need them, but that’s Britain – we are a capitalist country and sometimes, for the local population to advance in life and get better jobs – you have to speculate to accumulate.

Fair does – but does it cost that much to feed and give the homeless and vulnerable a little love and support? I don’t think it does. So today I’m going to tell you the story of a bloke called Lukas.

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Whilst driving down the migrant hellhole that is Daubhill – a heavily populated ghetto, I spotted a young one-legged guy in a wheelchair. I had not seen this guy before and I often give what I can to those who are homeless or in despair. I took a photo and uploaded it to Politicalite’s twitter feed in the hope of shaming the local council into helping the poor lad.


When I returned home, I couldn’t get his image out of my head. So I decided to get a car back down and find out more about that one-legged man in the wheelchair.

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I walked over as he was rolling a cigarette from a packet of fake counterfeit tobacco, so I approached him and handed him a few fine American Marlboro lights, just because he’s begging on the streets doesn’t mean he can’t do it in style! I told him I was a journalist and wanted to find out more about his story to try to help.

Some may say ‘Ohh! he’s homeless but he can afford some tobacco.” but If I had been through what this guy had been though I’d be on substances much stronger than counterfeit tobacco.

His name is Lukas Hozl – and his story will shock you. When I first heard the guys accent I thought ‘Ohh jeez, he’s a bloody immigrant.” then I listened, and my opinion about *some* migrants changed. I stopped my closed-minded views and did my job as a journalist.

Lukas is a victim of people trafficking and was brought to Britain by some very nasty people traffickers from the Czech Republic. He was forced to work like a dog on building sites across the country.

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Lukas was paid a measly £50 a month to work on rough sites across the country, illegal work. His passport was taken by his captors over two years ago and he was beaten, controlled and told he would be killed if he tried to run away.

One day – at work, Lukas fell off the third story of scaffolding on-site – and that’s how he lost his leg. Now he’s in a wheelchair begging on a busy high street in Bolton.

Lukas told me: “The people took my passport and I never saw it again. Then I lost my leg and now I’m forced to beg just eat.”

He’s getting some support from local charities – and he isn’t claiming benefits. The council promised him a bedsit – but he says he’s been waiting for over a year and he is still forced to beg on a street corner in a wheelchair.

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This is Britain. It sounds like something out a dickens novel – but its the Great Britain of 2019. We’re the fifth-largest economy in the world – WE CAN afford to help people like Lukas – and it is about time we did.

He is one of the thousands of homeless and vulnerable and people brought to Britain by people traffickers and he needs some help.

We usually ask for money at the end of our articles to help with the running costs of our website – but all funds raised from this article will go to Lukas – that’s a promise.

This lad came to Britain in the hope of a better life, and ended up losing his leg trying to earn an honest living – he’s not a migrant who came here for benefits or to sponge of us Brits – and no one listens to people like Lukas, but we will.

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We’re all too tied up with our headphones and our faces in our iPhones – well maybe it’s about time we all lifted our heads up and looked at the shithole around us. Help Lukas today by donating what you can – and let this bloody lad by a packet of real Amber Leaf – and not some counterfeit shite!


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