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NO-GO FUND ME: Go Fund Me DELETES page to help relocate scared Mum-of-four living in Muslim No Go Zone

A FUNDRAISING page that was set up to help relocate a British woman living in a violent Muslim Area of Birmingham has been shut down by Go Fund Me, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Samantha Hewitt, 47 from Birmingham lives in a predominantly Muslim area and Samantha is one of only two white families on her road.

The area she lives in has seen high rates of attacks by Muslims against non-Muslims, particularly White Brits.

She is a mother of four which includes a 15-year-old son with autism who has already been attacked several times by Muslim gangs.

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Samantha rents privately with a landlord who is withholding her deposit and refuses to come to the area to do the necessary repairs on her house. And the council will only offer her hostels which is unsuitable for a mother and 4 children.

Brent Holloway of Standing For Britain told Politicalite: “Yesterday we set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise funds for Samantha who is living in a violent Muslim Area of Birmingham and is receiving no help from her council.”

“The funds were going to help relocate Samantha and her family to a safer area.”

“With no help coming from the Government, it is important the people of this country support each other. “

“This Go Fund Me page was set up with a target of £1200 that will cover the deposit and 1st months rent which will enable Samantha to relocate to a safer area for her and her family.”

“This morning I awoke to an email from Go Fund Me saying that they have closed down our page for Samantha and our account has been deleted. The unsatisfactory explanation being we violated their ‘Terms and Conditions’.”

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Brent said he will not give up the fight and added: “We are also going to physically help her move once we’ve got the funds for her deposit and first month’s rent.”

“When the Government has abandoned us it’s important the people of this country stand together and help one another.”

Brent said: “Standing For Britain is not only going to help Samantha but more in her situation.

We want the public to know that they’re never alone and they can reach out to Standing For Britain.”


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BIRMINGHAM, England is known for its segregation, ghettos and was described by Ross Kemp as “more shocking than Afghanistan” earlier this year.

In June, Politicalte revealed that there are thought to be residents from nearly 200 countries living in Birmingham which was described as ‘super diverse’ in the city council’s new cohesion strategy.

“Birmingham is soon to become a majority-minority city,” the report said.

One of the main issues is that areas, where there is a ‘high concentration’ of Muslim communities.

Hardman Ross Kemp once revealed that filming a documentary in Birmingham was one of the toughest he has ever made.

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The former EastEnders actor who makes Ross Kemp on Gangs for Sky1 said filming in city gave him the biggest shock of his career so far.

Kemp said: “I am making a documentary about our armed response units and counter-terrorist units – armed police across the UK – [and asking] do we have enough to meet the threat that is now posed to us?.

“Not only by terrorists but also by the increase in the use of handguns by drugs gangs.”

He even admitted that he has to “wear the same body armour that I wore in Syria on the streets of Birmingham”.

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Kemp also said his new two-part documentary was more shocking than the effects of war on Afghanistan.

We have contacted Go Fund Me for comment. 


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