STOP THE SPREAD: Doctor John Campbell Gives Advice On How To Tackle COVID-19


A YOUTUBE documentary has become an overnight sensation giving out advice on the dangers of Coronavirus.

Dr John Campbell has become so popular his subscriptions have topped the leading Covid-19 watchdog website run by the World Health Organisation.

273,000 people follow the doc on YouTube with WHO being watched by just 140,000 people worldwide.

Speaking exclusively to Politicalite, Dr Campbell said: “I try to bring medical information down to a level that everyone can understand. I am glad people are happy with my services.”

Dr Campbell worries about the Covid-19 virus which is sweeping China spreading now into the rest of the world.

“Scientists know the strength of this virus and I just had to get the word out on what to do to keep it from infecting more people.”

His channel is very matter of fact and anyone is able to understand the implications if the virus becomes a UK pandemic.

Dr Campbell highlighted the Spanish Flu of 1918 in which 50 million people died, we asked if it was possible for this virus to cause the same numbers of deaths.

“WHO are stating that 60% of the world’s population could contract Covid-19 if it’s not controlled now,” added the Campbell.

Professor Neil Ferguson from the School of Public Health at Imperial College London backed up these figures by stating: “We are probably at the same stage Wuhan was at in the beginning of December.

The question is how much infection has reached the country? “It’s probably 2-3 times what is being detected in the official case numbers,” he added worryingly “It is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Dr Campbell said that he got an email from an African medic, where the first case has been detected in Egypt: “He said they have no supplies of coronavirus testing kits. The infrastructure in Africa is non-existent too.”

A Channel 4 News documentary called Coronavirus: Is Britain Ready surveyed airport staff and NHS hospitals.

The findings were shocking as out of 100 airport workers, 87% said no tests were done on people arriving from risk areas.

Five hundred healthcare workers surveyed, and 96% said NHS is not ready with 93% felt they are not protected from the virus if numbers climb.

Comments such as “Dangerous advice from 111 telling suspected cases to go and see their GP.”

Another NHS worker said, “We are drowned by the demand such as man called to say he lived by a Chinese restaurant and was he at risk! The availability of more evidence in the past month has shown major differences between the outbreaks and characteristics of COVID-19 compared with those of SARS-CoV.

But the incubation period of Covid-19 can be anything from three to seven days. In one case it ran to 24 days.

This means you can walk about and have the virus without any symptoms evident until later on.

That happened in Brighton where a man infected eleven people from Singapore then flew to France then came back home to Brighton before he exhibited symptoms.

Professor Gabriel Leung from Hong Kong University, Chair of Public Health Medicine, who worked on the SARS outbreak in 2003 believes that for each person infected 2.5 people will catch it.

The latest total is 71,451 cases have been confirmed worldwide with a total of 1,776 have died from Covid-19.
Low temperature and high humidity increase the virus’ lifespan. Nine days estimate for the virus to live on surfaces compared to the ordinary flu which lasts 24-48 hours and the common cold a few hours.

Basic hygiene measures will help to stop it, spreading, “Clean using your standard kitchen sprays like bleach products such as Flash Said Dr Campbell, “And if you sneeze catch it in a tissue and throw away immediately in a bin. Then wash your hands thoroughly or use an alcohol hand sanitizer to kill any potential virus.”

Masks are useful if you have the virus as it will keep it contained and for example, on the tube, train, bus, crowded shopping centre. “Use your commonsense,” says Dr Campbell. “Number one is to try and stop touching your face as you risk the virus going in through your eyes, nose or mouth.”

Dr Campbell makes at least one video a day and as soon as it is published the accolades come in from subscribers.

“If I had studied medicine I would have been very happy for this doc to be my professor, said MyPicturesRestored.
Isabella Buckley said: “Down to earth no nonsense Yorkshire man. You Dr John are a tonic to us all.”

The Doctor is now semi-retired but has spent 25 years training medical staff, worked in A and E and has written two books available from Amazon as well as downloads of training videos from his

15 Points to help stop the spread of Covid-19 (If the SHTF) by Dr John Campbell


1. Stay home when possible, avoid planes, buses, trains, queues, busy areas.
2. No visitors, avoid close contact with symptomatic people or potential carriers, don’t share cups.
3. No handshakes, kisses, hugs. Don’t kiss babies. All outside surfaces, money.
4. Gloves and meticulous hand hygiene, don’t touch eyes, nose mouth. 5. Wash hands, warm water and soap or hand sanitizers.
6. Catch it – bin it – kill it.
7. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases.
8. Faecal contamination, meticulous hand and surface hygiene.
9. Wear a quality medical mask or n95.
10. Wrap around glasses.
11. Avoid hospitals, limited visiting.
12. Good nutrition, vitamin D.
13. Keep warm, sleep, family life.
14. Thoroughly cook meat and eggs.
15. Avoid public spaces and wear a mask at home if you start to feel ill with fever.

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