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THE DIGITAL RACKETEERS: Stop Funding Fake News and Scram Tried To EXTORT Cash from Donorbox 

AN ESTABLISHMENT anti-Brexit censorship group that attacks the finances of alternative news outlets on both the left and the right attempted to extort cash from a company who processed payments for Tommy Robinson and the Unity News Network, Politicalite can reveal. 

In an email seen by Politicalite, a member of the Scram news team acting on behalf of Stop Funding Fake News attempted to ‘extort’ cash from the US tech company who processed the fees. 

Jayde Bradley who signed her email as “Scram News Campaigns Manager and Stop Funding Fake News” attempted to extort money from Donorbox. 

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Jayde Bradley pictured at the EU Parliament with Guy Verhofstadt

Bradley demanded that Donorbox donated any profits it made from working with the likes of the controversial right-wing activist Tommy Robinson and the Pro-Brexit website Unity News Network to Stop Funding Fake News or Hope Not Hate. 

An employee from Donorbox leaked the email on Twitter and said: “Scram News is trying extort us by asking us to send money to them. Since we ignore them, they have been harassing our customers.” 

Scram and Stop Funding Fake News harassed many of Donorbox’s customers on Twitter – calling for them to cut ties with the San Fransisco based start-up.

Scram has written several smear pieces on Politicalite too, using evidence from the disgraced journalist Mark Di Stefano who was forced to resign from his post at The Financial Times after he was caught out hacking into Zoom meetings of rival papers, The Independent and The Evening Standard. 

Responding to our claims, Sam Bright, the Editor of Scram News told Politicalite: “Neither Scram News nor any member of its team has ever been involved in digital extortion, blackmail or racketeering.”

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“It is also entirely false that Scram has ever threatened an organisation or a company into donating to Scram campaigns.”


STOP Funding Fake News and Scram hate free-speech. Especially speech from left-behind working-class people and the outlets that speak up for them. 

The Scram criminals are nothing but a fake news racket trying to silence the working mans voice via intimidation and threats to those that provide a platform and defend free-speech. 

A Scram News Campaign Poster – They Hate Populists 

A legal advisor told Politicalite: “Scram News and Stop Funding Fake News are technically involved in digital racketeering and extortion”

The group don’t just go after right-wing news outlets, they go after voices on the left too – anyone who provides an alternative opinion. 

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Racketeering is a criminal activity in which a person or organization engages in a “racket.” 

Scram Campaign Poster

A racket is when the criminal or shady organization creates a problem for a person or a company – and only the criminal racket can solve it. 

Stop Funding Fake News hates free-speech from working-class people and tries to shut down Politicalite, Unity News Network, Rebel Media, The Canary and Evolve Politics.

Scram and Stop Funding Fake News are nothing more than a digital racket, and they are funded by centrist and pro-EU activists and are run shady figures from the Bairite Labour group Left Foot Forward to name a few.  

The digital racket email advertisers with the threat of a ‘scandal’ and when companies do not respond, they lobby them on Twitter until they relent. 

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Politicalite is fighting back and actively building a case with top lawyers against both Scram and Stop Funding Fake News, we will keep you posted on the latest developments in the coming months. 

More will follow.