THE REVOLUTION: Tommy WOWS Wythenshawe With Down To Earth Campaign Launch

TOMMY Robinson wowed the crowds in Wythenshawe last night as the 36-year-old activist launched his campaign to become an independent MEP.

Mr Robinson rocked up in the middle of a place that barely gets any media attention, in Benchill – a left-behind council estate in the North West of England, Politicalite was given an exclusive interview with Mr Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon – that will be published later today.

Despite its reputation, Benchill is a close-knit community and a prime example of how the Government has failed every-day normal working-class people.

This area is home to the everyday man, the working-man and the kind of people Mr Robinson will need to win as an MEP.

This is the land of Coronation Street, The Royle Family, Cutting It and Shameless – the land of the working-class that’s totally fed up of the Westminster Elite, and its residents seemed to warm to Tommy.

These are the kinds of people who need a champion, and in Tommy, they have just that.

One lady came out to hear Tommy speak in her dressing gown… what other campaign launch has such an everyday appeal?

No other, that’s why the Establishment is so rattled, and why they are trying to silence this campaign.

Robinson has said he will donate 100% of his EU Salary to victims of child sexual abuse.

In a party political broadcast video, Robinson said: “Like many of you, I wasn’t born in a powerful or wealthy family.”

“My mother was an Irish immigrant, and my father a plumber.”

“They taught me that hard work and sacrifice lead to success.”

“They taught me to stand up for myself, for others, and my beliefs”

“I have never voted, I never beleive it would make a change, none of the politicians in our country could relate to me or even seem to care.”

“Iknow what it feels like to be left behind.”

“We are ruled by people who know we exist but they still don’t care.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way, fairness is possible.”


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