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Neighbour of Manchester Terror suspects reveals details of two ‘weird guys’

A NEIGHBOUR of two men arrested on Terror offences in Manchester on Monday has revealed shocking details of the suspects.

Liam Walsh, 22 exclusively told Politicalite that he saw the men ‘carrying really heavy bags and wearing sandy camo army outfits’ days before their arrest.

Credit: Liam Walsh

Our eyewitness also revealed that in the days leading up to the arrest the pair were allegedly ‘digging holes in the garden of their property’ which set Liam’s mates dog off.

Liam added that the terrorists were ‘two weird guys’ and said he was glad they were caught.

Greater Manchester Police swooped on a house on Victoria Street, Whitefield close to a local Primary School.

Royal Logistic Corps bomb disposal officers wearing military uniform including helmets, were seen entering the house with firefighters and a paramedic incident response unit part of the emergency response.

Liam lives at the top of Victoria Street and recorded the world exclusive footage that was sent to Politicalite revealed that the bomb disposal units ‘took care of everything.’

After Liam filmed his world exclusive video seen 200,000 people said he was ‘asked to not film or do anything’ by Police and Liam thinks that they must have found something if they asked him to stop filming.

Greater Manchester Police said no explosives were found but a British Army Bomb squad returned to Whitefield last night.

Explosives experts were scrambled to Victoria Avenue after reports of suspicious items being been found at a house.

The two men arrested remain in custody.

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