FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE: Three Lives Lost, Three Families Destroyed

ONE year ago, three families were destroyed and the lives of three glowing young men were ended prematurely when Jaynesh Chudasama deliberately mounted the kerb and drove a black Audi A5 into a group of young friends who were on their way to celebrate a sixteen birthday party at a local Goals club.

Harry Rice, 17, a semi-pro footballer, apprentice electrician George Wilkinson, 16, and labourer Josh McGuinness, 16, were all killed instantly at the scene whilst two others were injured when Chudasama, according to the families, embarked on a deliberate act to kill and injure their boys.

Chudasama, who was 28 at the time, fled the scene of devastation and was more than two and a half times over the legal drink drive limit. It was also later revealed that he had traces of cannabis in his system lower than the Legal Limit at the time of the crash. The families would like to point out they have many questions with regards to the alcohol consumption.

The car-hire worker from Hayes, was driving at 71mph on 60mph on a West London road when he deliberately mounted the pavement and ploughed into the teenagers sending the boys flying into the air, in what the families believe to be a planned and premeditated attack on their children.

One witness described Chudasama as driving like “a bat out of hell” on Shepiston Lane on 26th January last year as he slammed the car he was driving into the group of young innocent teens with their whole lives ahead of them.

George was left laying half in the road and half on the pavement with horrendous head and neck injuries, his hand was being held by a girl as he lay motionless at the side of the road, Josh was struck with such force that he was catapulted over a fence and landed in a cemetery, whilst Harry was carried on the bonnet of the Audi A5, obscuring the view of Chudasama causing him to crash the vehicle into the cemetery wall and crushing Harry’s body.

All three boys lost their lives at the scene, a scene that Chudasama and his passenger (who is known to have followed ISIS), tried to escape from before Chudasama was hit over the head with a bottle at a local petrol station and dragged back to the carnage that tried to leave behind. His accomplice managed to get away.

The pair had been sitting in the car park of a local Asda supermarket where they spent approximately 2hrs 20 minutes waiting uninterrupted before setting off and ploughing the vehicle into the stricken teenagers another 2 hours and 20 minutes later. The police state that after leaving Asda they cannot find the Audi on any CCTV in the area up until the Audi appears at Shepiston Lane even though this area is near Heathrow Airport and one Building alone down that road has 32 cameras.

The three young men who had their whole lives ahead of them had all been in the same year of Hartfield Academy in Uxbridge before leaving in the summer of 2017. They had hundreds of friends, many of them stating that the boys made their childhood by how pleasant, respectful and fun to be around they were. Their lives and the lives of the families will never be the same again.

Jaynesh Chudasama was initially given a 13 year prison sentence and banned from driving for 13 years and six months, a sentence that was blasted by the boys families for being disgustingly lenient.

In an exclusive interview with Politicalite, Tracy Blackwell, mother of Josh McGuinness, told us harrowing tales of injustice, police cover-ups and barefaced lies that have been pedalled by the dishonest mainstream media.

Tracy Blackwell

You would think that during a time of utter loss and devastation for the families that they would have been able to grieve but instead they have had to fight just to get answers, honesty and transparency from the police and the authorities. Honesty and transparency that hasn’t been forthcoming, in-fact, nothing could be further from the truth Tracy said.

Dishonest mainstream media outlets such as The Daily Mail and The Sun have printed horrific and abhorrent lies about the families and have recently tried to them the to right-wing groups and personalities implying that aspects of the “far-right” have persuaded the UKIP leader Gerard Batten to back their anti-muslim campaign. At a time when the families should be grieving the loss of their children, they are not only having to fight against politically motivated mainstream media lies and slurs but they are also tackling the injustices they are facing, injustices that are not facing them alone.

What the mainstream media are printing isn’t journalism, it is barefaced lies to sell newspapers to shape the opinions of the public whilst at the same time concealing important evidence and information. They are printing lies to protect a corrupt agenda driven judiciary, to silence views and suppress what really happens in the legal system in this country today.

The mainstream media is the propaganda arm of despotic government, they act on behalf of the globalists whose agenda’s they pedal to the unsuspecting masses. They are the purveyors of lies, manipulation, cover-ups and FAKE NEWS.

It must be a horrific time for the families of the boys, for the friends and families and everyone that has been affected by this heinous crime that took the lives of three very impressionable young men. The families shouldn’t have to be battling against a corrupt system or mainstream media that publish bile to sell newspapers.

Mainstream media should hang their heads in shame for how they have treated and portrayed the family of these boys as they continue to fight for justice for the children.

Any parent will tell you that the loss of a child under any circumstances is horrendous and there are no words to describe the sense of loss or how much it hurts, but when you are told your boys had been hit by a car you can only imagine the feelings you have when you begin to piece the facts together and soon realise that this was FAR from a tragic accident, said Tracy.

This wasn’t an accident, this was a deliberate attempt to take the lives of our boys away. As the hours and days passed we were faced with evidence that Jaynesh Chudasama had, in-fact, deliberately driven into our children and two of their friends. It is unimaginable for any parent to think that the lives of your children could be deliberately taken away by another human being in such a callous and sickening act.

It also sickens us to read reports in the mainstream media that they believe we have been targeted and used by the so-called “far-right” for them to make political mileage out of this tragedy Tracey told us, reinforcing the point and making it clear that was absolutely NOT the case.

We have had the facts and seen all of the evidence that indicates that this wasn’t an accident, evidence that has since been removed and was prohibited from the trial. Evidence has been locked away and sealed so that nobody can now have access to it as was revealed in a recent Freedom of Information request.

This isn’t about the colour of anyone’s skin, their religion or beliefs, this is about a miscarriage of justice, miscarriages of justice that are taking place up and down the country that are being misconstrued by the mainstream media and brushed under the carpet by a corrupt and inept judicial system.

The CCTV clearly shows that Chudasama was IN control of vehicle as it mounted the pavement and deliberately ploughed into our boys, the collision report also corroborates this. The dishonest mainstream media claim that the driver lost control prior to impacting the boys but that wasn’t the case at all, the car only spun because a fifth child to be hit and the third child to be murdered at the hands of Chudasama, Harry, landed on the bonnet and obscured the drivers view causing the vehicle to crash into the wall.

The Mainstream media are keen to point out that they have had sight of the court documents but what they fail to mention or reveal (because it doesn’t suit their narrative) is that vital key evidence was left out of the report and was not produced or considered at court.

The collision report clearly states the Chudasama was in full control of the car when it ploughed into the boys and the CCTV proves that fact.

Recent media coverage by the dishonest press is also keen to point out that Jaynesh Chudasama has shown great remorse for his actions, to date, the families have had no apology and no condolences from either himself or his legal representatives. There has been zero correspondence what so ever from him or his legal team since he took away the lives of the young men.

An innocent person who is showing remorse doesn’t flee from the scene of such a horrific crash, he doesn’t make a run for it and he doesn’t abscond without checking on the people that are laying dying in the road. A remorseful man doesn’t ask the police during interview “how long this is going to last” because he has to open the car-hire company in the morning and anyone who is showing half an once of remorse doesn’t give three bogus addresses in Leicester when being questioned by police when applying for bail. A remorseful man doesn’t lie about a sick relative or being the only person in the house to look after them when trying to apply for bail and a man who shows remorse doesn’t apply for his sentence to be reduced are mowing people down in the street and leaving them for dead.

Those are the actions of a guilty man, an un-remorseful man who has no concerns for the lives he has taken or for the families that have been left behind.

The families are keen to emphasise once again to be crystal clear that they are not seeking justice out of bitterness or any form of so-called right-wing agenda, they are seeking justice simply because justice has NOT been served. The establishment is working against the family not with them and they want answers as to what is taking place and going on behind closed doors.

The families are keen to find out why no charges have been brought against the passenger who is believed to be of Pakistani Muslim origin, why their homes were not searched and why there was no investigation into what the bag was that the passenger fled the scene with of what it contained.

Tracy and the other parents want answers to the many unanswered questions that they have been left with, they want to know why they have been deliberately ignored by the police and the authorities.

They want to know what the two men were doing on Asda car park for almost two and a half hours prior to their boys being mowed down, they want to know if they were plotting to deliberately attack young innocent children in the area, they want answers to whether or not the two occupants of the black Audi A5 had travelled up and down Shepiston Lane previously that evening.

The families feel they should be told why the police reopened the road so soon after a horrific road traffic crash when usually roads are closed for hours for thorough investigation work to be carried out and why it was left to friends of the boys to clean up at the scene before the parents of the boys attended the morning after.

Tracy explained that the families wanted to know why they hadn’t been informed when the inquest date was or why the police had told the press not to attend the funerals despite being asked by the families to attend?

They want to know why large sections of their own impact statements were edited and content removed before the court appearance and why huge swaths of it had been completely crossed out and were never presented at the trail.

Why did the police tell them that Chudasama had no previous criminal convictions when, again, this just wasn’t the case.

Three young men with their whole lives ahead of them were deliberately ploughed into and murdered according to the family and the evidence they have seen, yet the court hearing for the defendant was set just one month later, surely given the seriousness of these circumstances, one month wasn’t a sufficient period of time for the police to gather all the necessary evidence and information and to interview witnesses in this case.

The families feel it was rushed through to keep it out of the public eye and out of the limelight so not to draw attention to it.

One year on from the barbaric and cowardly attack that took the lives of three boys with their whole lives in front of them, Tracy, the families and the campaign “Justice For Our Boys” will continue to fight for the justice their boys deserve to correct the wrongs made by the police and the judicial system.

There are so many things outstanding that the families deserve to have answered and since that horrific day this time last year a campaign group has been set up called “Justice For Our Boys” which has attracted support from all areas of the country, from people of all walks of life and social backgrounds who are also fighting injustices in this country and who wanted to show their support.

They will continue to collect and gather evidence and push for a retrial of the coward that took the lives of their boys so they can receive the justice they deserve for their children and can finally start to grieve for their unimaginable loss that rocked their world and the local community exactly one year ago today.

On the first anniversary of the passing of the boys, Politicalite would like to pass on our thoughts and deepest condolences to everyone affected by this horrific and life-changing event that ended the lives of three innocent young boys so needlessly.

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