WATCH: Anne Marie Waters Demands FULL Public Inquiry Into PBORO By-Election

“THERE must be a full public inquiry into the Peterborough by-election” For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters has demanded, in a powerful message delivered to her thousands of supporters, via a new video on her YouTube channel. “Until then, Lisa Forbes should not be allowed to take her seat in Parliament”. 

The outspoken politician – a staunch advocate for democracy and an end to illegal cultural voting practices – launched into the damning, insightful speech last night, in which she highlights the highly suspicious circumstances surrounding the by-election that was held following the fall from grace of criminal Labour MP Fiona Onasanya. 

“In 2018, there were hundreds of allegations made to the electoral commission and to the Police relating to alleged electoral fraud around the UK” Waters said.

“There have also been hundreds of complaints from the City of Peterborough alone over the last few decades.”

BALLOT BURGLARS: Three Peterborough Labour activists were convicted in 2008 for a vote-rigging exercise that cost the taxpayer over £1 million. Centre: Tariq Mahmood, later used on Fiona Onasanya and Lisa Forbes’ successful campaigns.

“This comes from a shocking report – and if the media were doing their job, this would be a groundbreaking report – by Jay Beecher of Politicalite”. 

“As we know, there has been a Parliamentary by-election recently in Peterborough, in which Labour were the surprise winners” she continued, going on to detail the contents of the exclusive article published by Politicalite.  “It was expected to be won by Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.”

“The report from Beecher goes into some shocking revelations about what’s going on, particularly in Peterborough, over the last couple of decades.”

“The behavior of Labour is always shocking in elections – during campaigning and at the count.”

Anne Marie then delivered a strong, nail-on-the-head statement to the millions of betrayed Labour voters across the country.

Labour campaigners celebrate yet another suspicious election win; this time for Lisa Forbes, helped by now infamous vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood (centre).

“This is not the Labour Party that your parents and grandparents voted for” she said. “This is an entirely new Labour party. It’s a Labour party of the extreme left, and it’s a Labour party of extreme Islamists. They don’t believe in democracy”. 

“This is a scandal” Anne Marie blasted the election, in which the anti-semitic Labour candidate Lisa Forbes snatched the Parliamentary seat by under 700 votes, thanks to a dangerously suspicious number of postal votes issues (over 13,000) and the help of her local campaign team, that included convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood who was sentenced to prison in 2008 for electoral crimes carried out in the same City. 

“This is not a minor party” she said of Corbyn’s Labour. “This party is corrupt to the core, and there’s more and more evidence to back that up.”

THE ‘QUEEN-MAKER’: Onasanya and Forbes celebrate their wins with their key campaign member/convicted fraudster.

“We at For Britain want to bring this to an end” she added. “This is not a minor issue. They (Labour) are the opposition. This is a party that has safe seats all over the country. And we can see their absolute contempt for our voice, for our democracy”. 

Jay Beecher and Politicalite are now seeking to officially challenge the Peterborough by-election result, and are currently working with politicians and lobby groups to launch a legal case to investigate the serious allegations further and to overturn the shifty result, ready for a re-run.

Anne Marie Waters’ full speech can be watched above. 

If you’d like to make a donation to the increasingly popular campaign and to join the fight to restore democracy – no matter how small – you can do so by clicking on the following link:


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