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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Future First Lady of UK was accused of ‘Targeting’ Married Boris

BORIS Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds was accused of being the ‘Siren of the Tory Party’ by a Tory MP and was accused of sleeping with dozens of married men to get ahead, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Symonds, 30 allegedly ‘worked her way up the Tory poll’ and Politicalite exclusively revealed that the former Conservative Party PR boss had also had a relationship with The Sun’s former Political Editor, Harry Cole – who now works for the Mail on Sunday.

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Carrie and Sun Political Editor Harry Cole

A top Tory source exclusively told Politicalite that she ‘Targeted’ Boris Johnson and was the ‘reason’ for his divorce. “This is not the behaviour of a nice person,” added the MP.

The source added, “The media coverage of her not been sexist, she has repeatedly slept with married men to get where she is.”

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Politicalite was also given exclusive pics from her Uni days where she engaged in an ‘X-Rated’ production of mystic Aleister Crowley an occultist who was described as ‘the wickedest man in the world’.

Crowley’s form of ‘worship’ involved sadomasochistic sex rituals with men and women, spells which he claimed could raise evil gods, and the use of hard drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

Some of the pictured were leaked to The Daily Mail, but Politicalite was sent the FULL album originally posted on her long since deleted Facebook page.

In the pictures, she is kneeling on the floor with a table in the background. On the table are written the words ‘cognac, c*** and cocaine’ – a reference to Crowley.

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A bottle of cognac and a small pile of white powder, believed to represent cocaine, are on the table, which is surrounded by a circle of cards. The words ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ are scrawled in chalk in the centre of the circle.

The pictures of Symonds show the potential future of the First Lady of the UK.

It’s certainly a change of pace from Norma Major and Philip May!