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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Gavin Mcinnes and Pro-West ProudBoys NUKED By Facebook and Instagram

GAVIN Mcinnes and The Proud Boys have been ‘nuked’ worldwide on Social Media by big tech including its British offshoot ‘Proud Boys Britannia’, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

‘The ProudBoys’ is a men’s social club, which describes itself as ‘Patriots and Pro-Brexit in terms of politics and respects traditional family values, they also attended the Day for Freedom rally in London in May.

Facebook banned several groups associated with the pro-west fraternity known as the “Proud Boys”, including one with more than 20,000 members and Instagram has done the same.

It’s not just official Proud Boys social media accounts that have been axed, Facebook and Instagram have also purged member profiles according to PB sources in another case of Big Tech cracking down on the free-speech of right-wing voices.

ProudBoys UK exclusively told Politicalite: “Facebook and Instagram have nuked Gavin’s account, any chapter groups it can find and hundreds of PB member profiles, Instagram is doing the same thing” added the source.

A Proud Boys added: “We’re still having lads erased between FB and Insta.”

“Not sure on numbers yet though, it’s the majority of members though.”

“They’re also banning people associated with PB like friends, family, supporters. They’ve also gone for group and pages as well as individuals.”

Facebook said it considers the Proud Boys movement represents hate groups.

The Proud Boys call themselves “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologise for creating the modern world.” They claim that they are anti-SJW (Social Justice Warriors) but not far-right.

In August Politicalite revealed that the Proud Boys in the UK had been purged by Twitter, at the time they said: “There is an agenda there, I think that’s obvious to see.”

The lads also asked: “Why are big tech deciding what is classified as hate speech or extremism?

“As platforms for so-called free speech, they should be impartial. That’s clearly not happening.”

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