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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The Walter Mitty Behind ‘Far Right Watch’

JOHN O’ Connell, the man behind Far Right Watch, has been exposed as a serial liar and a fraud after an investigation by Politicalite.com.

O’Connell claims to have had an interesting career and claimed to have been a Royal Marine serving in Iraq, Afghanistan Sierra Leone, Ghana and Northern Ireland, but this appears to be false, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Mr O Connell did have a public CV on Scribd which Politicalite has obtained a copy of despite his deletion of the CV from the site. On that CV there is NO RECORD of an active military career between 1986 and 2005, the dates which O Connell claims to have served between. When confronted about this on Twitter, O Connell twists and turns:

Was O’Connell hashtagging all the military conflicts he didn’t take part in the previous tweet? It gets worse. He goes onto claim that he had PTSD and fought the ‘Black Dog’ of depression partially as a consequence of a conflict that by his own admission he “missed”:

In reality, he spent the time he claims to have been a serving Marine actually being a Corporate Events Manager with Ramada Inns in Chicago. He has also ‘served’ as a Resturant and Hotel Manager at Beefeater Resturants, Travel Inn Hotels and as a Logistics Manager for Pepsi and Tropicana. The CV also pins a knee injury he claims to have suffered in Bosnia down to the period between 2002-2004 – seven years after the Bosnian conflict.

Far Right Watch targets Brexiteers and patriots on the right systematically. Indeed, even Twitter couldn’t stomach it anymore and have recently suspended the account.

As if this evidence wasn’t enough, however, you only have to look at Mr O Connell’s views to see through the web of lies, how many veterans do you know that would welcome riots, as he did when they gripped London?

It is time John O Connell came clean and admitted that he has been duping his followers while targeting people whose only problem is having politics he happens not to agree with. It says something when your such a giant troll from the left that not even Twitter wants you to continue. Time to bow out and exit politics with your tail between your legs Mr O Connell.

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