Extinction Rebellion

XR INSANITY: Are YOU climate-change ready? HINT: Start by loosening a few screws, it’ll make the descent into insanity less painful.

OVER the last few decades the population has been slowly groomed for this moment.

A number of genuine concerns about pollution and care of the environment were taken over by the left-wing agenda of human destruction, and true environmental scientists withdrew from the growing hysteria to quietly do real work instead of joining in the scare-mongering and hype. Among these are Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, who in 1986 left Greenpeace because he said they were ignoring science in favour of politics, and James Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia Hypothesis. They care passionately about the planet, but don’t agree with Extinction Rebellion or talk of a ‘climate emergency’ that will destroy us all within 12 years.

Thousands have been supporting XR, having been guilt-tripped into trying to make up for their ‘over-use of resources’. Others are Christians, persuaded by the mainstream churches that westerners are not only supposed to be saccharine-nice to everyone but also guilty of racism, sexism, and many other-isms which get in the way of being ‘nice’. HINT: Jesus never said we should be nice, he showed us how to hold to truth and not be afraid, and told us judgement awaits those who lead others astray from the truth. What the Christians don’t seem to have grasped is that, in ignoring God’s role in creation, they are behaving like atheists.

Question: why is it that environmentalism and climate-awareness is an almost totally white affair? Immigrants from Africa, Asia, the Arab world, south America, have no compunction in using as many resources as they can lay their hands on now they have arrived in the west. Question 2: why to climate protestors attack Europe rather than China and India which are by far the largest polluters? I guess some of my screws are still too tight to get round the logic of this one.

Meanwhile, let’s see what XR is REALLY about. It has 3 originators and 15 co-founders, none of whom appears to even have all screws present, let alone attached. Gail Bradbrook, having done a PhD on biophysics, went to Costa Rica to take hallucinogenic drugs to ‘re-set her brain’, and returned to the UK advocating (from that unspoilt and extremely expensive part of England, the Cotswolds) that the entire population should take psychedelic drugs as a protest against the government trying to control them. Imagine a population off their heads all the time – it’s bad enough with some of them, how ungovernable would the country be if we were all like that.

Stuart Basden, another of the 15, has recently written an article stating quite openly that XR is not about the climate. No, it’s about destroying Euro-American culture, white privilege, patriarchy, and the idea that heterosexuality is normal. I’m sure that Christianity will be one of the casualties of this agenda, though he doesn’t spell it out so clearly – he doesn’t need to. He looks to some kind of pastoral utopia that he imagines existed before Europeans started throwing their weight about and introducing health-care, education and roads to benighted parts of the world. To me, this resonates strongly of Pol Pot who decided to take Cambodia back to an idyllic agrarian past which – oh dear, what a shame – could only sustain two-thirds of the population, so one-third had to be murdered. Guess which third he chose? Yes, anyone who appeared remotely above-average intelligence or inclined to question his plans.
Roger Hallium, one of the original three, used to be an organic farmer and blames the failure of his attempt on extreme climate conditions. I wasn’t there to judge, but I notice that many organic farmers still exist, so perhaps Roger is blaming the climate for his own lack of skill, judgement, or knowledge that made his farming enterprise fail? Just possible I think…

Extinction Rebellion is not about preventing extinction. It is about bringing about the extinction of Europeans and near-extinction of the human race. By removing heterosexuality, the population of Europe will plummet even further; as Europeans – especially the British – have provided most of the innovation that has lifted billions out of poverty and ill-health, the majority of non-Europeans will then starve or die of disease. An elite few, fuelled no doubt by psychedelic drugs, will enslave the remaining population to provide food, goods and services for them. This is the communist dream. As Marx said, all you need is some useful idiots – and the supporters of XR are showing themselves to be just that.

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