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EXCLUSIVE: Facebook BANS UK Councillor After He Wrote Article Highlighting Pakistani Rape Gangs Citing ‘Hate Speech’



FACEBOOK has banned a UK Councillor from its platform because he shared a news article about Pakistani and Afghani Child Sex Culture, flagging it as ‘hate speech’, Politicalite can reveal.

Cllr Ryan Macpherson, an Independent Councillor on Ashford Borough Council in Kent was BANNED after he shared the article he wrote for

Facebook placed a 30-day ban on his Facebook account for sharing the article in a post entitled: “This is the article I authored for Politicalite describing it as “Unapologetically highlighting the major child sex cultures of Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Cllr Macpherson said: “Facebook has placed a 30-day ban upon my main account for releasing an article detailing about Pakistan and Afghanistan’s open sex cultures concerning children alongside sources, statistics and more.”


He added: “By censoring that data wrongly as ‘Hate Speech’, Facebook is positioning itself as a proponent of child sex cultures.”

“Facts and base statistics are not ‘Hate Speech’. Even Pakistan’s elected leader has spoken on it.”

See Ryan’s Censored Article HERE

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