CLIFF EDGE: Little Sadiq Calls On May To STOP BREXIT

Sadiq Khan, possibly to distract from the embarrassing revelation that he knew about the delay to the Queen Elizabeth line a whole month before he announced it, has called on Theresa May to revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit.

Little Sadiq said: “I’m calling on Theresa May to withdraw Article 50 if Parliament rejects her deal, as a way to guarantee we avoid falling off the cliff edge.”

He, like the entire establishment, is running scared of a ‘No-Deal’ ie, proper Brexit. According to Khan “worrying evidence” is “piling up” of the “devastating consequences that a no-deal Brexit would have on jobs, growth, public safety, food supply and living standards.”Of course, no such evidence exists outside the fevered imagination of the mainstream media.

Seizing the moment, Khan argues extending Article 50 isn’t enough: “To extend it would require the agreement of all the other 27 EU member states. The UK would also only have limited control over the length of the extension. Arranging a new public vote could take many months and — following the mistruths and lies peddled during the 2016 EU referendum — we would want to have sufficient time to ensure that the campaign rules are as robust and strong as possible.”

Khan ends, laughably given the contempt he is showing for the express wishes of 17.4 million Leave voters, warning the Prime Minister that if she does not plan to withdraw Article 50 now she will be held in “contempt” by “Londoners and future generations”.  It is however him who is held in widespread contempt by Londoners who he has failed to protect from a bloody crime wave and whom he has let so badly down.


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  1. john black

    December 7, 2018 at 16:40

    sad dick, if you don’t like brexit go back ‘home’

  2. Belfast

    December 8, 2018 at 15:34

    This is the guy who said that terrorism is really part and parcel of everyday life and will continue.
    So he wants to stay in the EU and couldnt give a toss about the so-called refugees and ‘visitors.’

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