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BIASED BURQA ROW: Good Morning Britain SLAMMED after biased Burqa Debate

RACHEL Johnson, the sister of Boris Johnson has called for a full Burqa Ban and she appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today to defend her call for one, but Piers Morgan refused to let her make her point.

GMB rolled out resident Burqa Expert, Sahar Al-Faifi as their ‘everyday’ Muslim woman to defend the oppressive garment, but the woman they used to defend the burqa was a representative from an Extremist Muslim group.

Credit: ITV | Sahir Al-Faifi

Al-Faifi isn’t representative of an everyday Muslim woman, she’s a mouthpiece from the ‘Extremist‘ Muslim Council of Britain — who in 2016, appointed Extremists to investigate… Extremism.

Following the death of Asad Shah, an innocent Muslim shopkeeper from Glasgow in 2016 by Radical Extremists, The MCB used Extremists to investigate the Extremist attack.

Tanveer Ahmad -a Sunni Muslim of Pakistani origin who was working as a Taxi Driver in Bradford, claimed he committed the Murder because the shopkeeper had blasphemed against Islam.

Following the murder, an extremist Sunni group, Khatme Nubuwat sent out a message congratulating all Muslims.

Just a few days later, ‘Kill Ahmadis’ pamphlets were found at the group’s Stockwell Mosque and similar pamphlets calling for the killing of Ahmadi Muslims were distributed in universities and markets across London.

Extremist clerics in other Mosques who share Khatme Nabuwat’s anti-Ahmadi views also took to the pulpit to call on fellow Sunnis to sever all ties with the Ahmadi Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Council of Britain – which has long considered the Khatme Nabuwat close affiliates – clarified that they would not identify Mr. Shah as a Muslim.

The Muslim Council of Britain then used two people who had strong ties on the Khatme Nabuwat panel to investigate alleged Extremism.

So why did Good Morning Britain think it was suitable to bring a representative from this organisation onto the panel to debate a Ban on the Extremist Burqa, when the MCB has had issues with Extremism in the past?

Credit: ITV

Rachel Johnson was not even given time to make her point and she was interrupted by Piers Morgan over and over again – usually banging on about why Feminists are stupid, today rent-a-gob Morgan was very Pro-Feminist, just to win the debate on a garment that does indeed oppress women.

I wonder why they didn’t invite an everyday Muslim woman onto the programme to debate the oppressive Burqa?

Don’t be so bloody silly, a real everyday Muslim woman’s Husband wouldn’t allow such a thing…Allow his lower-than low wife to express her free-speech on national television? Are you mad!

Once again, the Fake News Media including ITV’s Good Morning Britain did the same to Rachel Johnson as they did to Tommy Robinson when he appeared on the show back in 2017. A complete and utter hit job.

Credit: ITV

Many on Twitter hit out at Good Morning Britain with Angela Hall saying: “Rachel Johnson was not given a fair interview, it seemed to be on the side of the full face veil”

Good Morning Britain viewers are now demanding a Poll on Twitter, as the do with similar debates – so far, Good Morning Britain has refused.

Oh dear, it seems Good Morning Britain has bottled it!

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