HAVE THEY LOST THE PLOT?: Readers REVOLT after Daily Mail backs Treason May’s Brexit Sell Out


DAILY Mail readers have vowed to boycott the former pro-Brexit paper after it’s new Remainer editor ‘lost the plot’ and backed Theresa May’s Sellout Brexit Deal. 

Yesterday, the Mail published a front page and editorial accusing Tory Brexiteers of ‘losing the plot’ by launching a bid to oust the weak and unstable Prime Minister.

The paper has gone from proudly supporting Brexit, to the below, published this morning, where it brazenly attacked Tory Brexiteers accusing them of being ‘saboteurs’ and asked ‘have they lost the plot.

The editorial said: “Hard-line Tory Brexiteers turned on their leader in a deeply unedifying display of petulant defiance.”

Adding: “Instead, she and her draft agreement were greeted with contempt by the peacocking saboteurs, whose antics risk saddling this country with the worst of all possible Brexit outcomes.”

MailOnline was then accused of DELETING angry reader comments on the online version.

The Telegraph’s Allison Pearson tweeted: “Readers of [the] Daily Mail have figured out their paper no longer agrees with them on Brexit. They are Very Cross. Mail execs are busy deleting underline comments rubbishing today’s splash. Interesting to see the next circulation figures.”

Mail execs couldn’t reach the Twittersphere though where angry readers panned the front page.

@patriotic_ally was definitely not impressed. They wrote: You’re a disgrace. Those you’re calling saboteurs are simply upholding the referendum result and reflect the views of the vast majority of your readers. Geordie Greig should go to the Guardian.  Mail readers obviously have no love for their new editor who they, totally correctly, blame for the papers betrayal of Brexit:

Some even called for former pro-Brexit editor Paul Dacre to return to the paper.

The desertion of the Mail and Reach (Formerly Trinity Mirror) owned Daily Express of the Brexit field of battle is a massive challenge to the alternative media which now must carry the Brexit flame forward pretty much alone.


The MAIL’s new anti-Brexit tone comes as legendary right-wing Editor Paul ‘Titan of Fleet Street’ Dacre left the paper after 25 years only to be replaced by arch-Remainer Geordie Greig.

Dacre is a man of the people who thinks there’s an ever-growing gap between London-based journalists and the views of the general public.


He once said of the working classes: “They aren’t obsessing over #MeToo, or transgender rights, or equal pay for BBC journalists.”

Darce Vader hates “leftwing” professors of journalism and said it was a ludicrous topic for academic study, with journalism degree programmes “churning out graduates for non-existent jobs”. in a speech earlier this year.

During the Brexit campaign, Dacre, who was described by The Guardian as “The Most Dangerous Man In Britain” (Hint, that means he’s good) threw the Prime Minister’s request to back Remain in his face by devoting its front page to “The great delusion!” beside a close-up of Cameron looking as untrustworthy as the more regular inhabitants of that space, Sir Shifty and Tony Blair.

The Guardian reported that The Mail took the unusual step of running its leader comment as a splash on page one. The question asked was “Who will speak for England?” referring to a parliamentary heckle once used against Neville Chamberlain, which helped end both appeasement and his career.

Mr Dacre even went against the Elites and defend his decision to describe high court judges as “enemies of the people”. in a fabulous front page.


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1 Comment

  1. skipper

    November 17, 2018 at 06:58

    I have used online DailyMail for years – but today DM is removed from my browser!!!
    Shame on you #GeordieGreig !

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