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BAD TRIP: Spanish Alter Boys ‘Arrested’ After Putting Weed In Church Censer Burner

A VIRAL story about Spanish Alter Boys reportedly being arrested after putting weed in a church censer burner has been exposed as a hoax.

Reports on a fake news website “” claimed two Alter Boys were detained overnight, after there Marijuana censer-burner prank at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

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“Several assistants stated that in this occasion the holy precinct was suddenly covered in an odd smell “it did not smell as always, it was a familiar smell but I could not relate it to anything, but in my son’s bedroom sometimes smell like that” said the report.

“The censer-burner is used the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord.” said the report, but it came from a satire site.

After an investigation, it was revealed that a South African website copied a story from a Spanish satire website.

The story reappeared and went viral again via an article published by The Wild Child on December 5, 2018 titled “Two Altar Boys Were Arrested For Putting Weed In The Censer-Burner” (archived here) which opened:

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The site is an English language version of the Spanish satire site Hay Noticia, which is owned by Spanish humor website/collective La Fabrica de la Comedia S.C.

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