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GINGER HITLER: Twitter mocks Fake News ‘iPaper’ reporter who admitted #FreeTommy bias


EARLIER we exclusively revealed that a mainstream media reporter boasted on Twitter about refusing to publish pro #FreeTommy opinions.

Alex Finnis, who was the former editor of ShortList men’s magazine, wrote a hit piece on Tommy Robinson’s supporters in The i Paper, where he only included anti #FreeTommy tweets regarding the BBC’s decision to give working-class Free Tommy supporters a platform.

Alex Finnis

When Politicalite questioned his false reporting, Finnis accused the Gay, Mixed-Race editor of Politicalite of publishing ‘far-right propaganda’ and claimed Tommy was “a racist who shouldn’t belong in the mainstream conversation.” and said: “I’m not going to publish pro-Tommy opinions in the mainstream media”

The story angered many of Tommy’s supporters and proved that the mainstream media systematically LIE about our working-class hero.

The story spread quickly and was even picked up by Raheem Kassam.

Twitter user BabyJane said: “Atleast now we have solid proof they lie about him! Scum bags.”

Daz Leicester said: “Once again a labour supporter, that highlights how those who now support labour are upper middle classes, and have nothing in-common with the working class. Tommy is our voice, our hope, our only way to be heard. That’s why they want to silence him, to keep us down trodden.”

One user said the expose was “powerfull”: “Powerful stuff, and seeing the “Fake News Media” exposes itself yet again is a joy to behold.”


One angry reader replied with an amazing take down: “He’s a raaayssssissst and we shouldn’t talk about him. I demand that NO ONE talks about Tommy Robinson.

OK we get it ginger Hitler. Everyone’s gonna hush up now cos beta cuck soy boy Alex says so.”

Alex was the former-editor of Shortlist Magazine, we originaly reported he was the current editor, and later corrected.

Dave Fawbert, ShortLists new editor mocked Politicalite – the hit right-wing website set up a year ago, with just £5 – that now has a monthly readership of 320k and a Facebook reach of over 5m.

“If you lot had any actual journalism skills you’d have managed to work out that Alex hasn’t worked at ShortList for 5 months. Oh, and also good on him 👍”

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