PUTTING IT RIGHT: Ashlea Talks ‘Far Right’ (Is It Real?)

POLITICALITE contributer Ashlea talks about whether the far right threat is a genuine threat or if it’s simply a cloak shield to ignore the elephant in the room.

With the mainstream media, TV specials, Prevent and even Hollyoaks creating stories based on an apparent far right threat our country faces, it’s important to address whether it’s a threat we need to take seriously.

To deny that there is a far right presence in the UK would be foolish as there will always be elements of the far right and far left in any country that has free-thinking citizens; although I believe the threat to be far more minuscule than its being portrayed to be in comparison to the threat we face from Islamic terrorists.

1980s Neo-Nazi skinheads in London.

It would be easily believable for people that live with their heads in the sand, to believe the far right threat to be far greater than it is due to the term ‘far right’ being dished out so flippantly. Vote Brexit=far right. Offers a pragmatic approach to immigration=far right. Proud patriot=far right Question terror threat= far right Condemn barbaric halal slaughter=far right, You get the jist. Anyone that doesn’t sit firmly on the left is now far right in today’s equations.

Huddersfield Muslim grooming gang.

As a political activist I come across many right wing groups and I can confidently say that in my opinion not one of those groups pose any threat to our country; they simply want to keep our children safe and display love for their country. That doesn’t mean there isn’t far right groups out there; of course there is; look at now-banned National Action and the National Front, both of which are minute in size and influence.

I recently read that the north of England is a hot bed for the apparent far right. I believe they are speaking of the concerned citizens that are fed up to the back teeth of mainly young white English girls being raped by Pakistani grooming gangs, children attending an Ariana grande concert only to be blown up by an Islamic terrorist, or Charlene Downes apparently raped, killed and used as kebab meat. If showing anger and frustration at those atrocities makes you far right, then that is ludicrous.

Flowers left outside Manchester Arena.

Since 2005, the UK has had 3 far right attacks killing 3 innocent victims. It has also experienced 9 Islamic terror attacks killing 92 innocent victims – many of whom were children. The facts speak for themselves.

Any terror committed for any motive is abhorrent, but we must be able to question and criticize freely without persecution. We can’t ignore the problem, hoping it will go away. Hate breeds hate, and our government has a lot to answer for.

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  1. Dave

    June 4, 2019 at 08:36

    Jews open the borders of every white country and introduce “hate speech” laws to stop you fighting back. Check out the human rights commission, which is run by Jews who are only 0.4% of the population. Details at theoccidentalobserver.net

  2. DIABO- Eu ordem no Infinito, na Região bem como no Inferno.

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