NO YOU KHANT: Londoners Turn On Little Sadiq

LONDONERS are finally turning their backs on Sadiq Khan in their droves.

18 months ago, Khan was the most popular politician in Britain, however, today it is an entirely different story. Even in May this year, he had a +22 approval rating but now the most recent YouGov survey has found that slumped to +4%.

Key voter groups such as elder voters have turned against Mr Khan although sharp contrasts remain. For example, he remains popular among younger voters but people in the 50-64 age group give him a negative rating of -5. White Londoners rate him at -5, while among black and minority ethnic Londoners he is ahead by +21.

Khan has also slipped among the C2DE social class, where he is seen as doing badly by 46 per cent and well by 39, a net -7. But H=he is backed in the wealthier ABC1 social class, with 48 per cent rating him as doing well and 35 badly. No doubt a reflection of the acutely adverse effect the crimewave Khanage has had on working class communities.

However, neither Nigel Farage, who has hinted he may run in 2020 for the capitals top job nor the Tories poll well either. The Tories have plunged to a voting share of just 26 per cent in London, seven points behind what they achieved in the 2017 and 62% of Londoners oppose Farage running for Mayor. The danger, therefore, is clearly that Khan may well win the next election by default as there is no opposition force strong enough to remove him from office. If we are to oust him then this is a weakness that needs to be seriously addressed and now.

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