ON OUR SIDE: Salvini Says Italian Government Stands With Brexit Britain

MATTEO Salvini, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, has pledged the support of the Italian Government to Brexit Britain. Mr Salvini said that the Italian Government “is on the side of the side of the UK Government.”

He has been a consistent critic of Brussels handling of the Brexit negotiations and he again took a swipe at Brussels for “punishing” Britain.

Speaking on the BBC’s Hardtalk show, he continued to say that Brussels was “not negotiating” and said that the British people’s mandate “must be followed”.

Replying to BBC journalist Stephen Sackur, Salvini said: “On more than one occasion in the past – don’t forget the European Constitution when citizens voted against the wishes of Brussels and they made citizens vote again until they got what they wanted. There is typically an attempt on the part of Brussels to punish. They are not negotiating, they want to punish a government and a people that voted against their exceptions. So if you sit at the negotiating table, you have to start with some political goodwill.”

He then insisted that the will of the British people MUST be followed. His comments come as EU President Jean Claude Juncker attacked “poisonous and deceitful” nationalism and called upon Europe to “come together” in his annual State Of The Union address and poured scorn on aspects of Theresa May’s Chequers plan saying the EU could “certainly not” accept the PMs plan to stay in the single market for goods post-Brexit.

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