Finsbury Park Terror Attack

Piers Morgans hit job of an interview sums up why we are in this mess

Today Piers Morgan became part of the problem that leads to a White, British man ramming a van through Muslim worshipers.

PIERS MORGAN is a man many usually agree with, he has a habit of saying what everyone is thinking.

But when he interviewed Activist and Ex-EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, Morgan got it wrong and misjudged the mood of the nation.

He became part of the problem that leads to a White, British man ramming a van through Muslim worshipers.

No one is saying this attack wasn’t wrong, it was. It was just as disgusting and depraved as the ones carried out by Islamic Exremists.

What Morgan failed to realise is that many agree with Tommy Robinson’s views and that he speaks FOR millions, Piers is a man who speaks TO millions.

He refused to let Tommy have the right of reply, when he pointed out that the Mosque had hosted hate preachers, Susanna Ried stated that no one from the mosque was there to make their point, seemingly happy to let Morgan refuse to allow Robinson to have his.

This wasn’t an interview, it was a hit job. It could’ve been a crucial tool in allowing those who speak for millions of working class British People to have a voice, but just as the rest of the liberal media has allowed, he refused to let him speak.

If people are not allowed to speak their mind, have a view, voice their opinion, that will turn to anger, anger will turn to hate and hate will turn to acts of extremism like we saw in Finsbury.

Morgan sneered at Robinson this morning, indirectly sneering at the millions who share the same view.

They see what the media does, it paints a picture of Robinson as the enemy within, when really, all this man has ever tried to do, is to protect British people from the infiltration of Islamic Extremism.

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