IMAGINE MY SHOCK: Paul Joseph Watson EXPOSES Gary Lineker’s FALSE Fish & Chip Claim

PAUL Joseph Watson has helped to expose Gary Lineker’s fishy pro-migrant video, revealing that it wasn’t actually a refugee who brought Fish & Chips to Britain. 

Whilst it is true that fried fish was introduced to Britain by refugees from Spain and Portugal in the 1860s, it was actually served with bread or baked potatoes before a Northerner made it a mega dish. 

It was, in fact, Northerner John Lees who invented the combination of Fish & Chips with the first Fish & Chip outlet being opened in Mossley in Lancashire in 1860 at Oldham’s Tommyfield Market. 

The Tommyfield – Oldham – Manchester's Estate Pubs

Mr Lees chip hut sold fish and chips from a wooden stall in a market stall, and in 1863 it was moved to an actual shop across the road with a slogan on the window: “Oldest Estd. In The World”.

The Portugese gave us fried fish, the Belgians invented chips but 150 years ago an East End boy united them to create The World's Greatest Double Act | Daily Mail Online

So why did Gary Lineker lie about Britain’s iconic dish? 

So he could virtue signal, of course. 

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