EXCLUSIVE: Politicalite Catches Up With ANNE MARIE WATERS


For Britain Leader Anne Marie Waters.

So, Anne Marie, what’s new with you, and what are you currently focusing on?

“Most of the focus at the moment is on improving internal structures of the party. We know that Brexit dominates now so we’re happy to let Nigel Farage get on with getting Brexit and changing politics. If he does, and I think he can, it will change the thinking of the electorate, who will look beyond Labour and Tory. This is great for the country but also for our party. Ironically Farage, by opening people’s minds to other options, will help For Britain to rise. We have to make sure we have the party ready to take advantage of that.

“This evening I’ll be heading to Manchester to support Tommy as his MEP campaign comes to an end. His victory is also very important as it too will change how people think about politics and open the door for those of us who tell the truth about the threat of the growth of Islam in our society. Big change is just around the corner.”

Anne Marie supports Tommy Robinson.

You have to travel the country, talking enthusiastically to large crowds, pretty much on a daily. Do you ever feel exhausted or like giving-up?

“Not at all. Travelling can get exhausting but I’m driven by genuine passion – for this country and for future generations. Travelling is nothing, people have gone to war for our country.

“I don’t have much time off it’s true! But I love what I do, I’m proud of our party. But of course everyone needs to relax and I make sure I do. In my every day life, being with my dogs is probably how I keep calm and forget about everything. My dogs are a God-send!” 

Anne Marie relaxing at home.

As with Tommy Robinson, your social media accounts were suspended by the left-wing bigwigs of Silicone Valley. How has that affected you politically?

“Yes it’s difficult to have that platform taken away but we must remember that there’s a world beyond social media and we must reach out to people by going to their towns and cities and talking to them face to face; getting involved in local communities is how our party will grow. Our two elected Councillors were immersed in the local communities and local issues. I think doing that well is the secret to our growth. Having said that, we also need to improve our online presence and a new website is coming soon with some new online surprises planned. We’re also making use of new social media platforms, which are not censorious, and we would encourage others to do the same. We must help these platforms grow.”

And why do you believe that you’ve become the target of censorship?

“Simply because the mainstream media, including social media, is dominated by globalists in bed with globalist politicians, they’re removing us from the mainstream to prevent our ideas gaining mass support. It isn’t working, look at Tommy Robinson!

“We’ve got to get out onto the streets but also support alternatives online. We need to fight back where we can. We should challenge the real haters on Twitter, report them the way they report us. Why not?”

You’ve recently released a book, Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion Of Western Democracy. We’ve given it a read and found it to be a fascinating in-depth exploration of the subject. Are you happy with it? 

“I’m really proud of my book. It took ages to write and almost as long to find a publisher! Another one is partly written but I’ve no idea when I’ll have the time to finish it.”

Waters’ book, Beyond Terror.

It’s no small task to set-up a political party; particularly not one as successful as For Britain. What obstacles have you faced so far?

“We’ve had so many obstacles, ranging from problems getting bank accounts to the smearing of the press and the Hope Not Hate types. They aim to put a stop to us but they can only do that if we let them. They can slow us down but they can’t stop us. Every obstacle should be treated as what it is – a chance to hone your skills at getting round obstacles. When something goes wrong, learn from it, find a better way, keep going.”

Explain For Britain’s logo. Do the colours represent UKIP and Labour with the aim to attract voters disillusioned with both of those parties?

“It’s Britannia’s trident which is obviously symbolic (and of course she was a female warrior!) Yes the colours reflect those parties but we don’t want to stop there. Some changes might be on their way!”

For Britain’s iconic logo.

The recent local elections saw For Britain secure two new Councillors. Considering it usually takes new political parties years to win elections, it’s a remarkable achievement. What’s your secret?

“It was all about getting out there, meeting people and becoming part of things locally – a lot of hard work by candidates and supporters. A bit of luck also but fortune comes to those who prepare for it. We’ve learned a lot from this election and will be bringing it forward with us.”

For Britain received widespread support upon its launch. What are your current membership numbers looking like?

“There are tens of thousands of registered supporters, and oddly more donors than members at the moment, so we’re doing a lot of research among those supporters to see why some haven’t become members. We are working on changing them. We are focused a lot on allaying people’s fears about joining – for example ensuring we are 100% compliant with all data protection laws. We take that very seriously. But we also need to continue to show people that in fact there’s nothing to fear in standing up to bullies – the opposite is the case. In 10 years time, we’ll be a formidable force in Parliament. A week is a long time in politics.”

Will we be seeing Trident rosettes in the next general election?

“Yes, that’s the plan. but a lot depends on when it is. I hope it’s not until 2022!” 

And yet you decided not to field any For Britain candidates in the 2019 European Elections. Why is that?

“A couple of reasons; the election shouldn’t be happening, but also Farage has all the momentum and there’s no point spending potentially hundreds of thousands of members’ pounds for election to a Parliament we could leave at any time, and that is in Farage’s pocket in any case. Let him get on with that and we’ll focus on growing here at home.”

As the leader of a staunchly pro-Brexit party, what are your thoughts on Theresa May’s handling of Brexit negotiations?

“She’s actually surprised me at how disastrously she has handled this. I didn’t know a politician could be quite that inept and still stay in office. Only very few of the Labour/Tory elite want us out of the EU; they’re appalled at our decision and have shown their true contempt for our voice. They’ll pay for it. There’s no going back from this.”

For Britain is very vocal in its opposition to Halal and other forms of inhumane slaughter. What made you want to make this one of your key policies?

“I’m very passionate about animal welfare and to let animals suffer so much, when it is so easy to do otherwise, is deeply and profoundly immoral. Furthermore, this is a display of Islamic dominance and intolerance which we must fight. Halal certification is a racket that raises vast sums for sharia-supporting extremist groups. The whole is indescribably ugly and we must do all we can to bring it to an end.”

And finally, in your own words, why should people vote For Britain?

“Because we’re the real deal; I’m the real deal. I didn’t come in to politics for money (I don’t have much of that), or to stroke my own ego. I came in to it to defend this country and to tell the truth about the corruption I see all around me. I have never backed down, been persuaded or bought, and I never will be. Our members and activists join because they feel the same way. We’re driven by love and truth and we’ll prevail.”


Anne Marie’s book, Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion Of Western Democracy, is available on Amazon by following this link:

To become a member of For Britain, or to get more information about their policies, head over to their website:

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