EXCLUSIVE: “WE WILL NOT GO AWAY” – Anne Marie Waters Talks Censorship & Trump

SOCIAL media censorship is becoming a greater and greater issue” Anne Marie Waters told Politicalite, after more and more Conservative and ‘right-wing’ voices are being silenced in the biggest purge of free speech in living history.

The popular For Britain Leader was one of the first big name politicians to be banned by social media. 

“I lost my own Twitter account for criticising South Yorkshire police; a police force that did nothing about the rape of young girls for years” Anne Marie exclusively told Politicalite. “For Britain has since been shut down – we’ve had no explanation.  

Anne Marie Waters.

Upon the establishment of the For Britain Party, and its subsequent rapid rise in popularity, a threatened British Government undoubtedly intervened, relying on the American masters of censorship in Silicone Valley to ensure that the new party lost its voice on social media. 

“Now there is the latest purge by YouTube” Anne Marie noted, shaking her head at the recent highly controversial attack by the media giant on activists such as Avi Yemini and Tommy Robinson, both of whom have joined the growing list of political stars demonetized or deplatformed. 

Avi Yemini was recently demonetized on YouTube.

“This is direct interference in the democratic process by tech giants” said Anne Marie. “Candidates and politicians use social media more and more to communicate with people. Big tech knows this and has decided it has the right to decide who should be allowed to speak and who should be allowed to listen.  These companies have decided that anything they personally don’t agree with amounts to ‘hate’. “

“We’re turning in to the Soviet Union” she added, “this is age-old totalitarianism. Opposition is labelled ‘hate’ or ‘racism’ and shut down.  It’s one of the most important issues of our time. But while it will slow the truth down, it won’t stop it.  As Churchill said “the truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”.

Sir Winston Churchill was a staunch advocate for free speech.

 “The truth will still be the truth, no matter how many social media platforms are shut down. We will not go away, and nor will the reality of what we are saying.”

The For Britain leader also sent a warning to Trump to take control of the situation or face the inevitable consequences.   

“Donald Trump is the only person who can bring social media in to line, and I sincerely hope that he does” she said.  “It is, after all, very likely aimed at affecting his re-election in 2020. He’s got to do something, and soon.”

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